Monday, June 23, 2003

Artistes Respond to the Announcement that Hong Kong has been Declared Free from SARS

Marco Ng let out a cry of "Very Good!" when he heard the news and says he will be staying in HK to spend money and that he will be buying a "Pineapple Bun" for his girlfriend Joyce Tang. Marco feels that everyone shouldn't let standards drop and keep Hong Kong clean and that the hotels and shopping malls should leave their disinfectant procedures in place. Marco points out that he is too hygienic because he has to wash his hands with disinfectant solution twenty times every day, creating skin problems that he has to refer to a skin specialist. The doctor told him to not to wash his hands so much and use a lotion, so after going to the washroom he can only rinse his hands now. He also says that because he has a dog at home, he needs to make sure that his home is kept very clean.


Flora Chan says she is very happy but because she is working she has no time to go and celebrate, laughing that she will be celebrating with Damian (Lau) and that she hopes that Hong Kong will keep up its hygiene levels. Flora feels that SARS has given a great experience to Hong Kong people and with the joining together of the citizens, this has made everyone very proud. She says that during the outbreak of SARS, she couldn't help out with very much apart from donating money and praying. Will she call her parents? Flora says she will definitely call her parents as they had originally planned to visit HK in April, but because of SARS, they postponed their trip to September, but she has to film then, so she isn't sure if they will still be coming in September.


Gigi Lai was very happy when she heard the news, saying that she now has the freedom to go to many places, because previously with SARS, there were a lot of places she couldn't go and lots of friends she couldn't see. However, she is currently busy filming for "Fung Mo Heung Lo" (Shanghai 1920) and has no time to celebrate. She reveals that in "Fung", she has to sing and dance and do martial arts and so has little time to rest, and that this is the hardest series she has made so far. Soon, Gigi will be taking part in an ancient costume drama, if she takes on the main role in this, she knows she will not be able to withstand it and everyone at TVB knows that she isn't strong enough to bear it all. Gigi hopes that she will be able to show off some of her talents in her current shows, even if the part is small or if the role is an ugly or a disabled role, she doesn't mind.


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