Thursday, June 19, 2003

Article from 29/04/03 - requested by viethi83

After Joe Ma and Maggie Cheung worked together on "Honeymoon Racers" activity last year, Joe was invited this year to join an activity where twenty members of the uniformed services went to Finland's glaciers to face some more challenges.

Having returned to Hong Kong, Joe says that this was a very unique journey for him as beforehand he had been seen by the contestants as their greatest threat, although this did not cause him much pressure, he says: "There were nine different activities in the very low temperatures, we had to climb mountains and dive in the icy waters, not only was it a great physical challenge, but also one of determination and dedication, so my biggest opponent was myself more than anyone else."

Joe thinks that the best and most exciting thing was wearing knife blade shoes and an ice pick to climb the icebergs, he says: "It was particularly tough for us from the south, to wear thick snow clothes and compete in the extreme cold meant that you used a lot of energy and without keeping fit, it would never have happened."


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