Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The Annual Miss Hong Kong Pageant is well on its way again and after two sets of auditions, the twenty semi-finalists have been chosen, of these there are 6 overseas contestants. These six girls were arranged to sign their documents by TVB yesterday before being driven away. This year as every year, TVB provided them with plane tickets back to Hong Kong, but as this is different from the Miss Chinatown pageant, no hotel arrangements were offered and they are all living with relatives at the moment.

The twenty contestants will be meeting the press for the first time on Monday, but there is news that Shui Ming Lo, the sister of artiste and former contestant Shui Ming Kei has been successful and is one of the twenty. When the reporters called Shui Ming Kei to congratulate her, she seemed wary that she should say anything for fear it might affect her sister's chances, saying: "I can't talk about it yet, has TVB released the news already? How did you know? (Are you happy that your sister got through?) Of course! She is doing lots of exercise at the moment to keep in top shape." The Miss Hong Kong Semi-final will take place on 2nd August at TVCity and the final will take place on 23rd August.


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