Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Anne Heung appeared as guest of honour at a promotion for Chan Min Leung's Art Exhibition, indicating that in her new show "Fung Mo Heung Lo", the story told of Moses Chan's character painting on silk for her chipao dresses and three of these were produced for the show by Master Chan, so she has especially come along to help open his exhibition.

When it was mentioned that there are two contestants in this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant who are from UBC (University of British Columbia), Anne's old university, she says: "Contestants who come back to take part from overseas are at an advantage as they can speak better English and the questions and answers for the "Miss International Goodwill" prize is done in English. Any tips? Just the same as usual, don't give yourself too much pressure!" As for reports of a contestant who cut her arms earlier in her life, Anne thinks that she didn't want to do it, but it was down to mental pressure at the time, Anne finds that the children of today are under a lot of stress so their families should support them more.


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