Saturday, June 28, 2003

Angie Cheung appeared at her press conference yesterday in he shades and wearing a white top and jeans. On the surface there were no scars to be seen. Firstly she said to the microphone: "Everyone, there has been a lot of people who have been worried about me over the last two weeks, you can relax because I have thought a lot of things through about this incident and I can see things clearly now. From the time that I decided to get married I had thought that I would put all my attention into my future life with my other half, because I felt that openness and honesty between us is the most basic of elements, if one party is not honest to the other, then there will be damage done." At this time, Angie's eyes have filled with tears as she says: "To him, I am honest and dedicated, often we go from debate to argument, I would never have guessed that this would lead to rash actions and that a stubborn attitude will become the weapons that are being used today, to make personal attacks like this have made me very disappointed."

As for her emotional problems, she enforcess that she does not need to respond to theoretical questions and at the same time she has seen through the words and actions, the true character and class of a person. Those people who have worked with her and been through this will be very clear about this and she believes that everyone has emotions, but she is not mad and she hates it when people are not honest , leading to ups and downs in her emotions. An open and truthful attitude to the family is one that she is comfortable with, doing everything with reason and boldness. She admits that she has failed in her relationship this time, but she hopes that she will learn from this and point out to young people to be careful when choosing friends and to calmly get to know your partners.

She adds: "With this incident, the hardest has been on my family, especially my parents, I have made them very upset!" With tears rolling down her face, Angie's mum who is beside her passes her a tissue and she turns and says "Sorry!". Her mother turns and brushes her back and both mother and daughter share a good weep. Angie continues: "Because of this, I have seen the warmth in this industry and there are many friends out there who love me, including my friends in the press, thank you! I have lost a beautiful dream about marriage, but I have gained a lot more precious things in life, so everything will pass and from the start with an irrational action, it has placed a full stop on this relationship." Finally she says that this is the first and only time she will make a reaction and she thanks everyone.

Asked whether she will be fighting against Fok in court or settle out of court, she says that she will leave this in the hands of the police. Has the police already dropped the charges of criminal damage? She replies loudly: "It's the truth! The truth is the truth, if it was done, it was done, if it wasn't done, it wasn't done, if you have done it you should be brave enough to admit it!" When asked which party it was who wasn't open enough, she says she will not respond as this is a personal question but she says that from the day she met him to the incident, then she has not done anything she wrong and she only regrets the unhappy experiences in life. She will be putting more efforts into her work in the future and hopes that she can be given som breathing space, she will not be giving tit for tat about the other person because this is not the way that Angie Cheung works.

Finally Mrs Cheung was asked if she missed something about Fok, she replied: "No, I am just glad that the flower didn't end up on the cowpat." After which, she led her daughter away.


After Angie's press conference to explain everything, Fok Siu Kau stayed in his dancing school, continuing to teach his students and when the reporters contacted him to ask for his reponse to what Angie has said, he replies with resignation: "I have no comment, I don't want to respond and I will not be having a press conference, thre is no point in talking about it any more. (Do you not want to say anything for yourself?) Ai, there is no justice in this world, some people have it in their hearts, others dont, how can you create a sense of fairness in everyone's heart? Why bother talking still?"

As for Angie saying to everyone that their relationship is over, Fok says: "It ended a long time ago, we both agreed it. (But Angie says that you weren't honest?) I really don't understand, everyone knows I was with her 24 hours." When asked how he felt at the moment, Fok forces a relaxed air and says that as this has ended, then there is no need to be unhappy any more and he hopes that he will not let this affect himself. And when asked whether he still cares about Angie, Fok says that he still sees her as a friend and will care for her in this way.


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