Monday, June 16, 2003

Angie Cheung and Fok Siu Kau met nine months ago whilst they were learning Latin dancing and because Angie was alone in HK having come over to further her career from Malaysia and with few friends, she longed for someone to love and care for her, so when she met Fok, she was touched by his care and they fell in love at first sight and announced their engagement after several months together, but this has all ended in violence. On Saturday night, Angie and Fok were involved in an incident at his dancing school, during this time, Angie's friend arrived at the scene and called the police for help, eventually the two were taken for checks at the hospital as Angie's cheekbone was obviously swollen before being invited to the police station to give statements. Finally they were freed on $1000 bail and requested to report to the station again in a week. Angie has not appeared in public since.

Nancy Sit worked with Angie in "Jan Ching" (A Kindred Spirit) and she revealed yesterday on her radio show that she had contacted Angie and could feel she was very upset. Nancy says: "I called her today at about 1am and she was crying, saying she didn't really want to answer the phone, but when she saw it was me, then she answered. I could tell that she was crying quite badly."

Nancy says that Angie told her how one side of her face is swollen and she has some cuts and Nancy is very concerned that their relationship has reached this stage: "Angie was crying, saying she did not know why it is like this. I told her not to be so tense and to calm down and to call me if she needed anything, or call back to Malaysia. She has no relatives in Hong Kong, so I am worried she will do silly things. To hit someone is wrong, if there are any problems they should sit down and talk about it. Now it has been reported to the police and in the hands of the lawyers, it will be hard to settle this." Nancy points out that when they were working on "A Kindred Spirit", Angie had mentioned that she was lonely because al her family are in Malaysia and she needed someone to care for her and the Angie she knows is a person who puts her all into her relationships. As to whether Angie was hit by someone, Nancy says: "Blows were made and I feel this is a very wrong thing to do."

For two days, the press haven't been able to contact Angie, Nancy says that this is because the case is in the hands of the lawyers and she is in a position to discuss this. Nancy says:"Angie needs to calm down. Also, he (Fok) has not contacted her since the incident. Why has this happened? It is because they had thought about splitting up as they found that they didn't really get on, he also knew, I said to Angie it is probably because he doesn't want it to end and as the thin line is crossed between love and hate, it all came to a big row on that day. Angie asked me to pass on her thanks for your concern, she is alright and just needs a few days to calm her feelings." Nancy says that she had asked to interview Angie, but she says she needs some time because she needs to check first with her solicitor.


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