Sunday, June 08, 2003

Although recently, the government has given a lot of support and assistance to the filming for movies and TV, very often the process of filming can be very difficult. Take for instance yesterday as Flora Chan and Kevin Cheng were filming on the street outside a shopping mall in San Po Kong for their show "Yuk Yuen" (Jade Destiny) when they received complaints from some of the store owners inside the mall and were forced to pack up early before they had finished filming.

Originally, TVB had hired out a water truck in preparation for filming a rain shot in the telephone booth outside the mall. The story was that Flora is calling Kevin from the booth and notices him passing by in a taxi. After filming a few shots, they had gathered a crowd of passers-by who were watching and standing outside the window of a sports shop, this probably upset the store owner who promptly complained to the mall management about obstruction. Not long later, a few security guards were at the scene to find out more and send the people away, it may have been that they were not successful so they suggested to the shop owner that he should call the police.

When the police arrived, the filming was forced to be stopped whilst they looked into the problem, with this taking a while, Flora and Kevin went to find out more themselves; eventually filming was not allowed to continue and terminated. Afterwards, Flora indicated that she has never met this situation since she started and feels that as that was a pedestrian walkway, she doesn't understand why they couldn't film there, especially as it was a short scene that wouldn't have taken very long.

As for the forced early finish, Flora says this doesn't affect her very much and it has provided her with more time for some rest, but the director will probably need to find another location to film in. When asked whether the director had applied for permission to film beforehand, she says she is not sure, but the police said that even if they have a permit, if the shopkeepers complain then they still have to stop filming. The hire of the water truck this time cost over HK$10000 and this will need to be hired again when they re-film, so there will be some loss made to the company.


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