Saturday, June 07, 2003

After their traffic accident, Mimi Lo has injured her arm and Power Chan has hurt his back, but after treatment at the hospital, Power is back at work today and Mimi has taken some time off work to go and see a specialist.

When contacted about the accident, they are still both a little shaken. Power says that after finishing work at TVCity that evening, they went back to have dinner with his family in Tuen Mun, then the accident took place as they returned to the city and it was very frightening. He says: "At the time when I saw that the juggernaut ahead had stopped, I braked straight away, but the road was wet with rain and I couldn't stop in time, at the time I was most worried about Mimi because her side crashed straight into the front of the wagon and we thought we were going to die. After the smash, we found that the windscreen had shattered and my neck and pelvic area were in pain, but when I glanced over at Mimi and she was okay, I was relieved, then someone came up to ask if I was okay and helped me to open the door and ake me out so I could call the police. When I noticed there was blood on the phone, I realised that I had some cuts on my ear and the side. I don't know how damaged the car was, because it was so chaotic at the time, but it has been sent for inspection. To think back to it, I am still pretty scared."

As for Mimi, she should have been filming for "Fan Li Fa" but because of an injury to her arm, she has gone to see a specialist and taken some time off. She says: "It was quite freaky that day because I saw a lot of people at TVCity that I hadn't seen for a long time and it was like a sign to see everyone before something happened, then the crash happened that night and as I saw myself being thrown forward, I thought I was going to die and how there was so many things I hadn't done yet. Luckily, I was okay afterwards." She indicates that she is a Christian so she said a prayer straight away and as her mother is a worships the gods, so she thanked them for her straight away.


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