Monday, June 09, 2003

After Sandra Ng and Bernice Liu becoming spokespersons for Marianne Chan's "Perfect Lady" line of products, Maggie Cheung is the next in line as she joins in to promote a new generation of breast enhancing and slimming products. A little while ago, Maggie, Sandra and Marianne had a set of photos taken, each showing their own beauty but no-one winning over the others.

Ever since entering showbiz, Maggie has never shown her sexier side on the small screen and moreover has never appeared in a completely backless top. Marianne saw that Maggie's progress in TV has been fulfilling and she has an affinity with the viewers, but her figure has never been much to comment on, with a straight waist and not enough curves, so she persuaded Maggie to undergo a slimming program.

After two and a half months on the slimming and breast enhancement program, her results are astounding as her waist has gone from 26 inches to 24, her thighs have gone from 11 and a half inches to 9 and a half and her weight has fallen from 120 lb to 110 lb. Maggie is no longer the "bucket" figure she once was and has a little S-shaped waist as she becomes the new generation of beauty and is happy to share her successes with everyone by appearing in her backless top.


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