Tuesday, June 17, 2003

After Marianne Chan's attentions have turned to Maggie Cheung to promote her LF Products and two and a half month's treatments, Maggie has succeeded in building her 31A breast size to 33B, reducing her waist size from 26 to 24 and losing ove ten pounds to keep her weight at 110 lb. Now she is appearing in another first as she poses next to a lake in a bikini with another set of seductive advertisements.

Boss Marianne believes that now she has a greatly shaped figure, she can expand the type of roles that she can take on. She says that Maggie is like an unrefined beauty so after some work, she can become a perfect beauty and it ties in with the company's motto of "True, Perfect Woman" exactly. Marianne says that on the day of the shoot, Maggie turned up and wowed everyone on the set with her super sexy bikini and everyone praised her on how great she looked. Even Maggie herself exclaimed when she saw the ad: "I never believed I could look so fit and so beautiful!" Beforehand she had to use her clothes to cover up her more fleshy parts, but now she is more carefree about her choice of clothing as she will look good in anything. Although she has just split up with Sam Chan, her new figure has given her the greatest confidence and every day she is happy and laughing, no doubt she will have plenty of pursuers in the future.


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