Saturday, June 14, 2003

After her car accident with boyfriend Power Chan, Mimi Lo appeared at an activity yesterday and indicated that after a week, she is still feeling the after effects of the accident. Because the force of the impact was so great, the tendons in her right wrist are still painful and she still has some aches in her chest, probably caused by the pressure of her safety belt.

Mimi praises her boyfriend, saying that he treats her very well and after the incident he was very calm and cooly called the police. With her boyfriend mentioning before that the accident has led to a step forward in their relationship, Mimi also agrees that their feelings have grown stronger with the crisis. When asked whether they would be getting married as a result of this, Mimi says that he economy is not stable at the moment, so they do not have the intention of getting married yet, unless they win the lottery and win ten million dollars.

Mimi is currently filming for new show "Fan Li Fa" and in order not to delay the progress of filming, she still has not had a chance to go and see the doctor again, her colleagues understand her situation and find her some ointment to rub on her wound for the time being.

On the day of the accident, the photographs taken at the time indicated that Mimi had a big blood stain on her forehead, giving many friends the impression that she had injuries to her head, she explains that at the time of the accident, she was not worried about herself, but about her boyfriend, so when she saw that his head was bleeding, she quite naturally gave him a big hug and the bloodstain on her face was actually the blood from Power's injury.


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