Tuesday, June 10, 2003

After gaining second runner up position in 1997's Miss Hong Kong pageant, Charmaine Sheh is now showing off her colours in the showbiz industry after what is already six years. As a new batch of Miss HK are interviewed, Charmaine indicates that every year around this time she gets really frightened because as another Miss HK contest takes place, this means she is getting another year older.

Responding to the news that there are many "Double Loss" girls (Lost job, lost love) who are entering the contest this year, Charmaine says that this is not such a bad thing for them because they can find their true potential, just like herself in that she didn't realise that she had such a great interest in acting until she had entered showbiz. However, Charmaine talks from her experiences as she offers advice to potential contestants, saying that they should seriously consider whether they have the right personality to build their career in showbiz and prepare for the pressure that this involves.

With many rumours behind her, is this the source of the greatest pressure for Charmaine? As a 'Big Sister' at TVB, Charmaine says: "Not really, because the competitiveness in showbiz is very great and you can feel that life is very transparent, with so many people watching, then even when you get married, have kids or take the last step in life, there will be someone taking note of you."

However, Charmaine admits that she still finds the colourful life of showbusiness very attractive. She has no regrets about entering the contest and given the choice again, she would still have gone ahead with it because what she has learned from the competition cannot be bought. When asked if she would let her daughter take part, Charmaine replies: "No, I wouldn't because I'd be worried she would have to work hard and into the night if she gets into acting afterwards!"


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