Thursday, June 26, 2003

(1st pic = Wong Chung Hei 2nd pic = Kei Hau Kam)

Miss Hong Kong 2003 Update

Twenty Miss Hong Kong contestants were on a communication course at Tseung Kwan O TVCity yesterday, tutor Wong Kwai Lam reveals that they mainly worked on their pronunciation and verbal expression and number 12 Ng Hang Mei and number 17 Lee Ka Yee were among the most outstanding. Lee Ka Yee had previously been an MC and weather broadcaster in Canada, so speech is no obstacle for her; Ng Hang Mei says that she gained a lot of confidence from being praised.

With her 34D figure, early leader number 7 Wong Chung Hei (aka Wong On On) denied the allegations that her attitude was poor and this led to the termination of her modelling contract, explaining: "I asked to terminate the contract, because I was not working happily with them and I had no future with the company because they took on a lot of jobs that weren't pornographic, but were very provocative and I couldn't accept it, so I asked to end the contract and had to compensate them with a five figure sum, my family paid and I feel I just met the wrong people."

In the interview and audition, her words had a touch of an accent in her Cantonese, but recently, she has become a lot better. She says that she has been practising her language by reading the newspapers.

After it was revealed that number 16 Kei Hau Kam used to cut her arms to relieve the pressure of her studies, many reporters have dug into her past and created added pressure for her, but she has no plans to withdraw from the competiton because of this.

The guests for the location scenes this year will be Edison Chan and Shawn Yu, with earlier reports that the two do not get on, then this time they can have a competition whilst filming with the girls. One of the executives of the show Wong Ka Leung indicates that the contestants will be filming in the style of the foreign show "Survivor" where they will be put through challenges of air, sea and land.

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