Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Steven Ma's new book "Steven Ma's True Tales of Society - I am the relation of a sick person" was launched yesterday and at the ceremony, Steven was bestowed with the title of 'Ambassador of Life". The book collects eleven stories of Hong Kong people with terminal illness and looks at the feelings and experiences of their relations. Some of the patients detailed in the book appeared at the press conference, among which one parent of a patient was particularly touched, she says that her daughter passed away just over a month ago and as she spoke, her eyes uncontrollably welled with tears.

Steven started to frown himself when he saw this and afterwards, told of when he was interviewing this mother and daughter, they told him how they wanted to live on happily, so when he heard of the daughter's passing, he was very upset. Steven says: "Interviewing so many people with illness, made me realise how very lucky I am. I feel that everyone with healthy parents or healthy children should treasure them and cut down on resentment, caring more for the people around you."

Steven says that this book has taken him six months to prepare and he is very thankful to Siu Kam Tze, Alan Tam and Liza Wang for writing prologues for him, the first print will be two thousand copies. When asked if he would be donating any of the profits from the book to charity, he says: "When I brought out my record, I have already donated money to the families affected by SARS, but this time I have privately made some donations to the related charities." Steven says that he will later be seeking the help of his good friends Moses Chan, Maggie Cheung and Ada To to do some more charity work. As for his first book, "Steven Ma's True Tales of Society - Why commit suicide?" will soon be distributed throughout China and North America.


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