Thursday, May 29, 2003

Stephen Au has issued a writ against Apple Daily suing for libel regarding the case of mistaken identities where a headline accused him of grabbing Angela Tong from behind when in fact it was another artiste. It details that this report was a defamation of character for Stephen and he is seeking compensation from the publishers and the editor and also an injunction against any further publication of such reports.

The writ also states that Stephen has some popularity in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and this will affect his image as a follower of Bruce Lee and himself a martial artist.

The statement from his management company indicates that Stephen wasn't even at the press conference detailed in the article and when the mistake was found, they had contacted Apple Daily who did not respond appropriately. This case was then referred to the lawyers who have been instructed to seek justice for Stephen. Stephen and his wife, Man Sze Man who is studying abroad are both in agreement with this action.


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