Thursday, May 15, 2003

Stars of the new series "Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu" (Extraordinary Father In Law) gathered for the incense burning ceremony, including Adam Cheng, Joyce Tang, Michelle Ye and Cecilia Yip. Michelle appeared wearing a lovely wedding gown as she explained that she has to film a wedding scene that day. It turns out that Michelle play's Adam's daughter in the show, but he is a jealous and picky when it comes to his daughter's husband, but eventually she still marries a bad guy. Michelle says that she previously filmed a wedding night scene where she had to kiss and hug the male star, but the producer didn't like the results so she had to go through the whole thing again. A sexy, lacy nightie was originally prepared for Michelle, but because it didn't suit her character then luckily they changed the costume. She sighs a breath of relief that she got away with that one!

Adam's character is like himself, quite a flirt, but his character has it better in that he has two wives. Adam laughs that he has had a great time filming this show because he is surrounded by pretty girls. The producer has also said that there will be a few more pretty girls yet. Adam laughs: "These ones are great already and Cecilia is a lovely wife. (Who do you think is beautiful?) Who do you think? (Sonija Kwok?) Not bad, quite pretty. (Charmaine?) Quite good, I am sweettalked by her. (Are you worried your wife will get suspicious?) No, with so many of them there is no need to worry, it is the ones on their own that cause concern. All of them together just cause confusion!"

Cecilia Yip also mentioned that working with Adam makes her very happy. She says that he is always playing around and bringing laughter to all the girls!

Source: Chan Wing, Sing Pao http://www.singpao.com/20030516/gossip/373092.html

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