Friday, May 16, 2003

(report summarised)

Joan Tong Lai Kau is over four months into her pregnancy, but has been feeling the strain of early pregnancy recently. A recent scan suggests that the baby may be a girl, but this is yet to be confirmed. Joan and fiance Ben Ng Ngai Cheung are planning to have their wedding banquet on 25th of this month and Joan says that she will not be hiding her "bump" at the ceremony because of traditions regarding the length of her skirt. However, Joan and Ben have already had their wedding photos taken before the baby became apparent, so she doesn't mind.

Father Ben Ng has recently been working on advertisements in Shanghai to make money to pay for "nappies and milk powder". Joan says that at least her friends such as Lai Yin Shan have been offering their leftover baby products to save them some money. She indicates that this is a lucky sign because all their babies are healthy and well.


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