Friday, May 30, 2003

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In a promotional event for "Hak Ye Choi Hung" (Fate Twisters), Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Lee Sze Pui and others donned their swimsuits for a bout of water games. Ada has kept her body hidden since her Miss Hong Kong days, but she bought herself a swimsuit especially for the occasion. As for Gigi, as she tried to avoid falling in the water, twisted her body left and right and caused some laughs.

Both Ada and Gigi tried to avoid falling in the water, but Gigi was dangerously close to getting wet when she tried to keep balance in a floating raft and it was thanks to Siu Chuen Yung's help that she avoided a soaking. Gigi finished work at 7am and didn't wake up until noon, so she was a little late in arriving. She says that she had a cold earlier on so she didn't want to get wet and risk becoming ill. Also as she is filming for "Fung Mo Heung Lo" (Shanghai 1920) at the moment and she has to sing and do some recording, she needs to keep her voice in top form.

Some rumours have been spread that Gigi's co-star in the show Kwong Wah has earned himself some negative nicknames from the crew for his lateness and pickiness, in response to this, Gigi says she doesn't want to comment on questions not related to her and she has not had to film with him yet. Is this because she is worried that Kwong Wah will be unhappy? She says she doesn't want to comment and also mentioned that she thanks Ada for advice about avoiding embarrasing moments in their swimsuits.

Ada hasn't appeared in her swimsuit for a while now and with her efforts for this promotion, will she appear in a bikini if the show does well? She says that she isn't that generous to everyone so she will not be appearing in a bikini. Has she reached her bottom line? She says that if it is necessary then she will wear a swimsuit, for example in adveritisements. However she is a conservative woman and beauty does not need to be shown off - as the saying goes: cover the pearls with straw! She says that in the Miss HK contest, everyone is wearing swimsuits and that is for the presentation of beauty so it is a bit different.

Moving onto the subject of Rain Li taking on her father's debts, Ada doesn't want to comment, but she encourages Rain to stand by her determination and strength to overcome the problem. Ada is currently filming a forty episode Taiwanese production "Sui Yuet Tung Tin" in China and has taken a couple of days out to do her promotional work. She says she will be there for another three or four months but life is not boring because she is with her good friend Monica Chan so when they aren't working they go out in search of Japanese food.

Wearing a bikini on the day, Lee Sze Pui was the centre of attention, but later on she put her T-shirt back on just in case.


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