Friday, May 30, 2003

Previously rumoured to have dated Rain Lau, Raymond Lam doesn't read the papers much but when he heard the news about Rain's troubles with her father's debt, he called her immediately and told her to be brave and offering an understanding ear if she needed it. When asked if he was just there to chat or would he be helping her out, Raymond says that he doesn't have enough money himself so he doesn't have the ability to help her out. He says that he called her just to give her some support because they are friends.

Raymond continues, when he was filming with her, she didn't mention her family affairs very much and after this news has broken, he feels that Rain has really grown up and matured in dealing with problems. Raymond says that this may not be totally bad for Rain. When asked if Rain was very upset on the phone, Raymond says that she wasn't very emotional and thanked him for his concern.


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