Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Originally filming in Beijing for China Series "Tian Ya Ju Sha Ling", Gallen Lo succumbed to appendicitis and rushed back to Hong Kong for an operation to remove his appendix. As he arrived back in Hong Kong accompanied by his TVB manager, he was taken to Hong Kong Baptist Hospital where he is being prepared for his operation and for the sake of safety, received a chest X-ray as a precaution.

The operation took place yesterday and Gallen is currently recovering well. It is envisaged he will be discharged in two to three days and he should be back in Beijing to start work again in about a week. The doctors have given him the all clear after a successful operation and his manager indicates that the crew have been very co-operative and the most important thing at the moment is Gallen's health.

(report summarised)

With the news of Gallen's return to Hong Kong to undergo an operation to treat his appendicitis, on-screen buddy and off-screen good friend Jessica Hsuan who was filming on location for "Fan Li Fa" yesterday says that she hasn't had a chance to call him yet. She says that she will call him later as she believes he should be okay if he can respond. She also says that in their line of work, having bad digestion is a common thing and it was a good job he hadn't gone too far in his filming just yet. She also indicated that her father and brother had both suffered from the same condition, but luckily her own appendix is still intact.


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