Thursday, May 15, 2003

On the first day of filming on her new show "Fan Li Fa", Jessica Hsuan talked of her feelings towards the departure of her old friend Gallen Lo from TVB. She thinks that Gallen has probably reached the highest point in television and maybe it is time for him to try out new ventures. She says that she had the chance herself to go out into the wider world a few years ago, but she feels that life outside is probably more suited to the men, as a lady she prefers to have the protection and security of TVB, who has looked after her well in the last ten years and provided her with many opportunities. She says her current contract runs until April 2004 and she still owes TVB a 60 episode series.

Although Jessica has been with TVB for ten years, her latest production "Fan Li Fa" is the most outstanding role to date and also includes some fight scenes. She says that she hasn't filmed in Hong Kong for six months now because she has been filming a series in Yunnan province, so she was a little nervous and only slept for an hour the night before.

The weather has turned warm, but even in her ancient costume, Jessica is not sweating. She says this is the reason why she always ends up filming ancient series in summer. She says she can't fight, but always ends up with a fighting character. She says that every year she says she won't do it again, but still ends up doing it. She intends on taking a break after this series and getting some rest. She has her parasol and fan at the ready to beat off the heat and she says she wanted to buy a tent to hide away with when she isn't needed for a scene, but she hasn't been able to find one yet.

Source: Wai Fong, Sing Pao http://www.singpao.com/20030516/gossip/373086.html

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