Friday, May 23, 2003

Not long after the rumours that were spread about the set of "Virtues of Harmony II" that Kingdom Yuen and Nancy Sit were not seing eye to eye, another report has emerged of rumours that Kingdom has been playing boss in the studio, alledgedly spreading rumours, laying down the law to the other artistes and crew and generally causing trouble so much so that senior executive Tsang Lai Chun has called her in for a disciplinary hearing with the threat of ending her participation in the show.

Kingdom was very angry when she first heard of the reports, but when the other journalists asked her to remark on this report, Kingdom says she did try to ask Tsang and her other colleagues to step out and tell the truth, but she was turned down, obviously not wanting to comment on the truth. Kingdom says that this particular journalist is out to cause trouble and it is not the first time she has met with these problems, so she will be seeking legal advice. She says that TVB is a big company and there is no way that an artiste can play boss. Also if there was a disciplinary hearing, then it would be confidential so no-one else would know about it. And in any case, she has not been laying down the rules nor has she had any meeting with Tsang.


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