Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Nancy Sit will be recording a special song which is dedicated to the healthcare workers of Hong Kong which will be released to raise funds for a healthcare charity. The lyrics are very heartfelt towards the victims of SARS and it is a fitting tribute to the young doctor who succumbed to the disease whilst treating other victims. Nancy says her song entitled "Healers with the Hearts of Parents" will be used to raise funds for the "One School One Doctor" project.

At a promotional event for "Virtues of Harmony II", celebrating the success of the show in its first week reaching ratings of 36 points (2.33 million viewers), Lam Yee Kei laughed that if the ratings were to reach 45 points, Nancy should appear in a seethrough top with nothing underneath. Nancy replied that she was saving this for her own photo special!. She laughs that she can finally appear at events wearing clothes from her sponsors now that she has lost weight, because in the past she was too big to fit in them.

On the other hand, Jonny Tang showed off his earrings and his "nipple ring" T-shirt. He says tht his character in the show is a little effeminate because he hangs around with the ladies a lot, but he is not gay, not just yet anyway. When asked whether he would really get a nipple ring, he says that he definitely wouldn't because he thinks it will really hurt!

Source: Kuen Mui, Sing Pao http://www.singpao.com/20030515/gossip/372416.html

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