Thursday, May 22, 2003

Nancy Sit was filming for the show "Sau Chu Mei Lai Yan Sang" (Beauty makes a Beautiful Life) where she will be dancing some hot moves with Michael Tse. Wearing a low cut sexy dress, Nancy showed her seductive side as she showed off her current weight of 123 lbs and measurements of 38C, 28, 36. When a journalist exclaimed that she was more than a 38C, Nancy immediately replied: "38C is enough, I'm not a nanny!"

When asked if she has had many pursuers since she lost weight, Nancy says to guess. She says that now it's not only women who praise her, but also men tell her how beautiful she is and this makes he feel great. She laughs that a woman at fifty is in her prime and should make the most of it. With the question of whether she would be losing any more weight, she says no because she will not look nice if she is too skinny.


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