Monday, May 19, 2003

Michelle Ye, Adam Cheng and Cecilia Yip were filming for "Extraordinary Father In Law" in Kowloon Park yesterday, dressed up in Sixties costume. The story tells of Michelle's character being lovelorn and loving parents Adam and Cecilia go roller skating with her to cheer her up.

It seems that Adam was doing pretty well with his skating and Cecilia playing his wife only had to sit and watch by his side. Michelle says that she had to practice once or twice, but she is okay and used to do it when she was younger so it's not too difficult. She also says that she has learned a lot from filming this show, including playing the piano and ten pin bowling, but the best thing is working with experienced artistes such as Adam and Cecilia from whom she has learned a lot.

When asked whether her own parents would share her troubles with her, Michelle expressed that her parents split up a long time ago and live apart so she hasn't had that opportunity. Now that they live abroad and she is working in Hong Kong she rarely sees them and doesn't want to burden them with her troubles. So for this year's Mothers' day and Fathers' day, she will most likely spend it with her "adopted" mum and dad - Cecilia and Adam.

Adam says he has never tried roller skating before because he has never had the time due to him working hard to make money. With the comment that he seems to be doing quite well, he mentioned that he does leg presses as he brushes his teeth to keep his muscles supple so that he doesn't injure himself so easily. He also says his eldest daughter likes ice skating because she gets a great feeling from it.


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