Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Kingdom Yuen was preparing for her appearance in the quiz show "Brainworks" after the death of her dog meant that Joyce Chan took her place last time and won. She says she should do well in Current Affairs because she is a big gossip and also History because she can just memorise everything. When asked if she would let on about her recent "arguments" for the sake of the prize money, she says that that is up to her, but laughs that for the sake of money, she will talk about anybody!

In the same "Brainworks" show also appeared Chin Ka Lok, Carlo Ng, Rain Lau, Jonny Tang and Timmy Hung. With the recent reports that Timmy had been becoming rather "friendly" with Tavia Yeung on the ball courts, he was the centre of some joking around among Ka Lok and the backstage guys, with Lydia Shum also joining in by asking if Timmy's injury to his hand was a consequence of being headline news." Ka Lok quickly turned the awkward situation into a joke by asking if Cathy Tsui had come back and subsequently being chased away by Timmy and getting asked if he was under the control of Lee San San.

Carlo Ng later helped out his buddy by explaining that Tavia didn't know her way to the venue so she asked Timmy to take her there. There was a whole group of them there that day to play basketball and he was actually on the other side but they cut him out of the picture (was that because they thought he didn't match her?) - Carlo replies "I think I match her better than him!"

In the game, Carlo, Timmy and Ka Lok won HK$108,100 HK$100,000 and HK$18,000 respectively, half of which will be donated to the HK Hospitals Authority Charitable Trust.

Source: Sing Pao http://www.singpao.com/20030515/gossip/372467.html

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