Thursday, May 22, 2003

Joyce Tang was invited by a make up company to be their model for the day at Lane Crawford in Central and wearing just a top and mini skirt, Joyce took part in the demo in the windows of the department store, which attracted a large crowd to gather and watch. At first Joyce didn't realise it would be in the windows, but she found it quite fun. When asked if she regretted wearing such a short dress, she says there was no problem, but she did see the delivery men across the road raising the platform on their truck to get a better view!
Some reports have suggested that Joyce and Maggie were battling for screentime during the filming of "Sap Man Dun Ching Yuen" (Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love). Joyce refutes this, saying that if you could get more screentime simply by chatting to the producer, then she would have done this seven years ago when she first joined TVB.


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