Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Gigi Lai, Anne Heung and Moses Chan filming "Fung Mo Heung Lo" in the Ancient Costume Street as the story tells of Anne and Moses taking Gigi, whose character has just recovered from measles for a walk. For this scene, Gigi has red blotches as part of her make up an wearing a long chipao in early summer has made Gigi unable to resist the temptation to scratch.

During filming of this show, Gigi has experienced Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in the space of one day because it is boiling hot during the day, it is freezing in the studio for night filming. As summer arrives, Gigi has her anti-mosquito items at the ready during filming, but luckily the mozzies seem more attracted to her assistant who has borne the brunt of their agression.

Gigi and Anne have developed a great friendship during filming wjth much girly chatting when they get together. Anne also mentions how well she is getting on with Moses Chan as they play "Rock Scissors Paper" when they have a spare moment, but she always loses to him.

Source: Wang Ho On, Sing Pao http://www.singpao.com/20030515/gossip/372452.html

Sing Pao News 14/05/03

Anne Heung showing off her chipao during filming of "Fung Mo Heung Lo". This beautiful dress was made especially for the show with the flowers being painted on in oil paints. Her appearance is reminiscent of the days when she was in the Miss HK competition and Anne mentions that you need to be quite slim to wear this type of dress and she says she hasn't changed in shape since she took part in the competition.

The producer mentions that the dresses worn by the three female leads in this show (Anne Heung, Gigi Lai and Melissa Ng) total about HKD 80,000 but Moses Chan's character wears rags. When asked whether he feels there is some unfairness, Moses laughs that he isn't too bothered. "That way I can just be myself!" he says.

Sing Pao News 12/05/03

The cast of "Virtues of Harmony 2" took part in a promotional event for Mother's Day, giving out presents to their fans. Among those taking part were: Nancy Sit, Frankie Lam, Bernice Liu, Michael Tse, Cutie Mui, Bondy Chiu and Kingdom Yuen. Due to the crowds, there was a small hitch and Bernice and Bondy incurred some cuts and bruises in the confusion.

Although Nancy had to rush off after this show to another event in Macau, to have so many screen children as well as her own children there to celebrate mothers day with her she felt very happy.

Nancy says that although her eldest daughter is in the US at the moment, she had already called that morning to say "Mum I love you" and that her three children have bought her a music box with a photo of Marilyn Munroe in it. Recently Nancy has brought out a "Mama Ka Yin" doll and she was handing these out yesterday to the fans as well as donating some to children who have been affected by SARS.

Cutie Mui plays a very sweet, sedate and somewhat dopey woman in the new "Virtues of Harmony" which is very different to the usual loudmouth character and her real life persona. Even the producer says she cannot get used to this, so they are planning a turnaround for her and are currently building this into the plot. With rumours that she fell out with Bondy in the ancient version and now that the focus has turned to rumours that Nancy and Kingdom have fallen out, does she feel that she is off the hook now? She says that she doesn't know because she was never "on the hook" as such. She also doesn't feel there is any problem between Nancy and Kingdom.

Sing Pao News 11/05/03

At a press conference, Joyce Chan responded to the recent news about arguments between Nancy Sit and Kingdom Yuen after Nancy was allegedly late into filming for "Virtues of Harmony II". Joyce pointed out that there was no such incident and that being late into filming happens all the time because of the time differences between clocks in the make up room which often causes confusion. She says that everyone is working well together and there is no friction. She feels that it may be the press is trying to create some publicity for the show, which is in its first week of airing in Hong Kong, but she feels that as it is a sitcom, the show should keep a happy and healthy image.

When asked about the reports that Nancy's mobile phone keeps ringing during filming and causing aggrevation, she says that there is no chance of this happening at all because you cannot get a phone signal inside the studios!

Kenix and her "stunt double"!

Anne Heung and Kenix Kwok were filming in Shatin for a scene in "Angel of Life" where Anne's character suspects Kenix's character of having an affair with her boyfriend played by Patrick Tam and this leads to a confrontation and a car accident. After filming, Kenix basks in her fortune, saying that she already has a good man in her life, but she is too engrossed in her career to worry about getting married and having kids at the moment.

She also says that her character will become blinded after the accident and will lose her memory, but she will see again. The filming is nearly over for her as the remaining scenes will concentrate on Patrick's character. She says that she has been filming on this since the Chinese New Year, due to the long arty scenes, it has taken a long time. She is looking forward to nice long break of around two months when she is hoping to work on some advertisements and movies.

Kenix's character works at a children's home and as a result she has had a lot of scenes with child actors. Kenix has a natural affinity with children and she comments on how well behaved they are. She says that one child in particular is top of the class every year and was busy doing their homework whilst waiting for filming. She adds that she admires the parents for letting them act, as this is not for the money, but to let the children experience more from life.

When asked whether she wants kids of her own, Kenix says that her career is the most important to her for now. She says she would rather get married later, but has confidence that if she has children, she will bring them up well. She says that Frankie has asked her a few times about getting married, but he will not pressurise her too much.

Anne Heung says that filming "Angel" has been great fun, but she says it is hard to drive and say her lines at the same time. She is also filming "Fung Mo Heung Lo" at the same time and she says it is taking its toll. She has a lot of scenes with Moses Chan in "Fung" and she says that originally she thought he would be quite cool, but he is actually quite crazy and is always joking around. She tells of the time when he tricked her into putting out her palm by saying he would tell her fortune for her, then he pushed her hand into her face and made her slap herself!

Some news posted on the Bondy Chiu site (thanks to MetalAZNWarrior for pointing this out):

With the onset of the SARS crisis, Bondy Chiu has found it hard having to wear her mask all the time which has given her skin reactions and a rash. She is pleased now that her portable air ioniser has arrived and she no longer has to endure the mask. When asked if it works, she says she doesn't know but it puts her mind at ease.

Working on filming for "Virtues of Harmony 2", Bondy appears in the dress of an Indian dancer. She says that in this dream sequence, she not only has to show her waist in the sexy costume, she also has to do some belly dancing! She says that although she is quite skinny she still has some protruding flesh in her waist, but she says she doesn't really keep fit in any way and even before this scene, she has eaten a whole take away meal!

Sing Pao News 10/05/03

Steven Ma and Shirley Yeung have been filming a scene for their telemovie "Catch the Murderer" where under the influence of a neurotic gas, Shirley's character threatens to jump off a building in order to make Steven's character admit his feelings to her and in the confusion, it is Steven who is thrown off the side of the building. In this particular scene, Steven is clinging to the side of a four-storey building and although he has the aid of wires supporting him, "hanging around" for the crew to shoot all his angles has left Steven with plenty of cuts and bruises. However, he is glad to have had the experience, saying that it has helped him to overcome his fear of getting hurt and of heights, which he used to be intensely afraid of.

Steven has a personal insurance policy which he bought off old friend Lai Yin San, which he has recently upped the cover on, so he is not afraid to take on his own stunts during filming.

Damian Lau, Flora Chan, Niki Chow and Maggie Siu turned out at the costume tryout for Wong Sum Wai's new production which is about precious stone and jade dealings. Producer Wong says that she has recently been to Burma to do research for the show and is currently seeking some jeweller sponsors for some of their scenes and as a result they have had to put aside some budget for the security and insurance aspects. There will be some filming in Canton, but filming for this has been postponed until August due to the current SARS crisis.

Flora indicated that her character will have love affairs with both Damian and Kevin Cheng. She says that she doesn't have a problem with the age differences in these affairs. She also mentioned that she admires Damian for keeping his looks for so long!

Niki Chow turned up in shades because she is having trouble with one of her eyes. She is waiting for the doctors reports and she mentions that she is having the treatment in a clinic instead of a hospital because she doesn't want to burden the hispital workers any more at the moment.

(Sources gathered from Sing Pao and also Yahoo News HK)

Sing Pao News 08/05/03

Angela Tong has been working with Adam Cheng in "Extraordinary Father-in-Law" where she plays an extremely flirtatious lady. She says there is a scene where she has to seduce Adam and he has been great, teaching her how to act and even commenting on how beautiful her legs are.

She responds to the reports about Yeung Ying Wai grabbing her from behind and almost causing her to reveal more than she should. She says that they were just playing around and doesn't understand how the reports ended up pointing the finger at Stephen Au.

Sing Pao News 07/05/03

On the first day of broadcast of "Virtues of Harmony II" a bunch of cast members, including Nancy Sit, Joyce Chan, Louis Yuen and Kingdom Yuen all camped out at Stephanie Che's restaurant to savour shark's fin and abalone whilst tuning into the first ep. Although the meal bill came to over HK$8000, Louis and Joyce both won over HK$30000 in the "Brainworks" game show and Helen Ma also won HK$40000 on the horses so the three offered to pay for the meal.

Nancy explained: "The director and producer were very pleased with the first few episodes so someone suggested we get together for a big meal and watch the premier, and originally Kingdom was going to pay for it, so she made sure that Stephanie got in a load of good food for it." Nancy is on a strict diet as part of her slimming regime, but she says she can let herself off for a night and her daughter can have the slimming meal instead! When asked how the ratings will turn out, she confidently replied - definitely in the thirties and heading in the opposite direction from my weight. (ie UP!)

Myolie Wu will be starring in the TVB version of "Infernal Affairs" which starts filming in June, but she isn't sure what her character will be just yet. She says her workload has fallen recently because of the SARS crisis, with her stage show being postponed to December, but she says this is a good thing because it would be a shame if the audience numbers were affected.

The new round of Miss Hong Kong candidates are being selected, but Myolie has no-one to nominate because most of her friends are either in the industry already or have already entered.

When asked about Gallen Lo's departure from TVB, Myolie, who shares a manager with him says that he has been in TV for long time and she thinks that if he has got everything he wants from here, then he will probably have more to gain from elsewhere. She believes that the most important thing about work is to be happy, because it isn't the only thing in life.

TVB will start filming a schoolyard show about fencing/swordplay in June or July entitled "San Chung San Ke Cheung" (New Loves, New Show). This will be a new experiment for TVB as they will be selecting the five female leads from a shortlist of eight girls who are all little sisters or relatives of artistes. They include Shui Ming Kei's sister Shui Ming Lo, Evon Yung's goddaughter Tai Mung Mung, Cheung Mei Lei's sister Cheung Mei Shuen and four others who have already signed with the coliseum: Ng Wai Bing, Fu Ka Li, Cheung Pui Shan and Leung Wai Ka. Ellesmere Choi and Raymond Cho turned up to help select the cast members.

Producer Chin Kwok Wai says that they may not all be newcomers, as this will depend on their performances. However, to build on the promotion, Leung Chi San will be writing the script into a novel and there will also be a comic book release to develop the show over three media forms.

Sing Pao News 06/05/03

Steven Ma was out promoting his new album today which features the theme tune to "Perish in the Name of Love". He has always been a charitable soul and HK$5 from each sale will be donated to a SARS charity.

Charmaine was unable to attend because she is busy filming "Sai Kwan Dai Siu" (Master of the Southern Quarter), but Steven was full of praises for his duet partner, saying that she has a lot of potential in the music industry because she has a great feel for rhythm and a smooth voice. He says that they are okay about previous rumours that Steven said she has a voice like a chicken, because they know each other fairly well and know that the rumours aren't true.

Fiona Yuen's family was so worried about the SARS crisis that they instructed her to return to Germany as soon as she had finished filming for "Gwai Hap Yat Chi Mui" (Curious Hero Plumblossom), so she followed their instruction and will be back in Germany now until early June.

Fiona tells of how she kept her mask on on the plane and wore an air purifier around her neck to make sure that she could get a good nights sleep on the long flight. She says that she hasn't needed to quarantine herself, but her big sister kept her away from her house for 10 days because of the children there.

During her stay, Fiona will be working on her jewellery designs which she sells in her sister's furniture shop and she will be visiting the curiosity shops in Bonn as well as visiting all her sisters.

Fiona laughs that she has become a representative for the HK tourist board since going back to Germany because everywhere she goes she is being asked about the SARS situation. She has been doing her part for HK by explaining that things aren't as bad as they seem. Upon her return, she may go travelling again but this all depends on what TVB have arranged for her.

Stephen Au caused no harrassment to Angela Tong during the promotional event for "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love" - this is the message being relayed by Stephen's management company who are concerned about some malicious reports which have arisen after the recent promotional event.

Sing Pao News 05/05/03

Cast members from "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love" - Nick Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Winnie Yeung, Angela Tong and Lo Hoi Pang, took part in a promotional water games event at the Miramar Hotel.

Nick vowed that if the ratings were above those of "Square Pegs" he would marry Esther Kwan. Maggie also vowed that if that happened, she would do an underwear advertisement!

Nick turned up in his specially adapted T-shirt with holes cut out showing his nipples. However, he says that he really wanted to see Angela Tong in a bikini, but both she and Maggie didn't wear their swimsuits. Nick pointed out that Angela wore her bikini a lot when they were filming in America and he thinks she looked really beautiful, so he wanted to share this view with everyone else!

Angela said that she was going to, but as she had to go and film "Extraordinary Father-in-law" later she couldn't go in the water. Nick immediately laughed: "No-one told you to go in the water, we just wanted you to wear your bikini!"

Angela later added that she thinks that Nick and Esther should get married after 12 years together!

Sing Pao News 04/05/03

Kwong Wah and some of the cast of "In the Realm of Fancy" appeared at an anti-SARS herbal remedy promotional event. Others there included Winnie Yeung, Ruby Wong and Lo Hoi Pang. Kwong Wah indicated that he will be supporting his wife Kitman Mak's new release of revamped classics by joining her in the duet "Need you Every Moment". He says that even though they have been married for over ten years, they still have sweet words for each other and he refers to her as "dearest". He adds: "You should not keep everything held inside, like if you are hungry, then you should say that you are hungry, otherwise no one will know. To love someone means to be open, nothing should be taken for granted, so respect should be maintained for each other even after marriage." He also says that we are always growing and learning from experience is invaluable in making you treasure what you have.

Winnie Yeung has been using Chinese Herbal medicine to fight against SARS, but she found this used to cause her to become nauseous. Now the herbalist has created some tablets which are a lot better. When asked whether she can have a baby whilst taking this medicine, she says that it is too hazardous whilst the SARS crisis is still apparent, but she will consider it when things have settled down. Winnie was picked up from the event by her recently wedded husband Wong Shui Fan, two weeks down the line and still as loving as ever.

Sing Pao News 02/05/03

Nick Cheung, Maggie Cheung and Joyce Tang attended a promotional event to launch the airing of "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love" in Hong Kong as of Monday, after being postponed three times. Also present were Winnie Yeung, Angela Tong and Yu Yeung all dressed up in their evening gowns.

Nick indicated that he will be concentrating on his movie career this year so he will not be making a serial for TVB until next year probably. When asked if his show will do as well as "King of Yesterday and Today" and "Square Pegs" he says that he's not really thought about it, but that they will just have to wait and see. When asked about his feelings about Gallen Lo leaving TVB, he said he didn't want to comment as everyone has different needs and while you are young you should try more things.

Maggie has great confidence in the show's ratings, saying that just having Nick in it will push them up.

Joyce told of how she managed to injure Adam Cheng whilst filming "Extraordinary Father-in-Law" by throwing a chicken leg at him! She feels really bad about that!!

Sing Pao News 16/04/03

Steven and Shirley at their costume try out for "Yuen On Jui Hung" (Chase the Murderer) along with Lo Koon Lan and Stephen Au. Steven says that he plays three different characters in the show as his main one is a psychiatrist who is looking into the causes of the deaths of his two elder brothers whom he also plays. He laughs that he is worried he might become schizophrenic by the end of it all.

Shirley Yeung on the other hand is worried that she may not be able to overcome her character who is Steven's girlfriend but has mental problems and undergoes extreme emotions. She is worried that even old masters like Leslie was unable to come out of character, but she has consulted with more experienced actors such as her "good friend" Lee Wing Ho. (Rumoured boyfriend)

Sing Pao News 15/04/03

Roger Kwok in Holland as he made a guest appearance at a singing contest at the request of TVBI. He says that the response from the Dutch fans was great with everyone asking whether he had brought his "Lo Por Jai" (little wife a la Square Pegs) with him. When the subject of SARS was mentioned, he also told his fans that when he was travelling over, he wore his mask all the way on the plane and was asked by a Dutchman whether he was pretending to be Michael Jackson!

Sing Pao News 01/05/03

Another new series currently being filmed is a young romantic summer show called "Free Lovin'" which stars Chan Man Wun, Edwin Siu Ching Nam and Leila Tong. There have been some reports of the lead actors not taking things seriously and this has delayed filming causing pressure on the proposed airdate of July but Chan has refuted this, saying that they are just having a good time whilst they are working. Leila meanwhile has gained a lovely glowing tan from her part as a swimming champion and laughs that she looks like a zebra where she has been covered by her swimsuit!

Following from Sing Pao 30/04/03

Halina Tam wears a big long wig and heavy make up during filming of "Extraordinary Father-in-law" and claims to be Nam Hung of the 21st century. She says she is very superstitious about her hair and will not cut it short again without great thought.

Marco Ngai "attacks" Anne Heung as he calls "Chan Yuen Yuen" across the studio at the incense ceremony for new series "Fung Mo Heung Lo", pushing her playfully against a wall until she threatens to sue him for sexual harassment. Marco laughs that Anne has complained to Joyce about him (in jest) before, but Joyce encouraged him, saying that Anne is averse to any bad gossip so there will be no problem there!

Other stars present at the ceremony were Kwong Wah and Gigi Lai who turned up with a scar on her belly. She says that this was down to appendicitis when she was younger, although she has sustained some minor injuries whilst filming some action shots in this new show.

In the show Gigi plays a girl who is sold to a band of travelling performers and she is happy that she is playing a meaty character where she can show off some of her moves and not just a "pretty vase" character...

Gigi in her "chipao" costume.

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