Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Gallen Lo, Roger Kwok, Anne Heung, Tavia Yeung and others appeared at a promotional event for "Wai See Lei" (The W Files) and with the departure of Gallen looming, this will be the last time he will be appearing at such an event for TVB. However, Gallen points out that although he no longer has a management contract with TVB, he still has 2 years to run on his artiste contract and two series "Gai See Di Tung Wah" (Love for sale) and "Fan Yan Fa Sut" which are yet to air and also he owes the company ten episodes of airtime.

Gallen will soon be heading up to Beijing to film a series for two months. He indicated that his wife will be visiting him, but his son is still too young to go up there. He says he will be missing his son a lot. Well prepared for his trip, he will be taking with him plenty of supplies of disinfectant, masks and a DVD player. When asked whether he has been looking at property, he says that he is interested, but his home in Clearwater Bay is fine for the time being so he will go with the flow.

When Roger Kwok heard that Gallen would be leaving, he wished him all the best. He says that with Gallen gone, there will be more opportunities for newer artistes to get to be the top lead. When asked how he felt about becoming the "No 1 male" in TVB, Roger says that there are a lot of "No 1"s in TVB, but he couldn't name any examples. He then laughs that it isn't so bad becoming the number one and he will make the most of the opportunity.

Roger will be guest performing in Liza Wang's concert soon and he says he has been studying her videos and her duets with Adam Cheng. He says if he can do about 40% as well as Adam, he will be fine. He isn't sure if he has to do any dancing, but laughs that if Liza wants "Hot Coffee", then he will make hot coffee for her!


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