Saturday, May 17, 2003

Filming for "Virtues of Harmony II", with the weather becoming very hot and humid recently, then stars such as Frankie Lam, Nancy Sit and Kingdom Yuen will hide out in the local shops whilst waiting for their scenes to take advantage of the aircon. Frankie has a lot of body hair and is subject to some mockery from Kingdom who asks him of this means he has a great sex drive. Changing the subject pretty rapidly, Frankie tells of how Kenix recently accompanied him to the doctors to have some fluid removed from an old injury in his knee. He says that after a couple of treatments, he has got a lot better. He says it was quite painful, especially the main injection to draw the fluid. The doctor praised Kenix for her bravery, laughing that in the past, he had come across men who were accompanying their girlfriends who faint at the sight of the needle, so don't underestimate the bravery of the women.

Nancy showed off some of her own jewellery which she is using for the show. She says that the character is the owner of a thriving business so she needs to be presentable. She says she will be using the same set for the entire series, but laughs that if the show does well and the company can find her some sponsors, then she certainly doesn't mind!


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