Sunday, May 25, 2003

Deric Wan and girlfriend Sonija Kwok appeared on Wai Ka Ching's radio show and was asked about their plans to get married. They say that they have an agreement that their careers have not yet taken off, so they will wait until they have reached a level of achievement before they consider getting married, but it is not likely to be in the next couple of years.

In the short time they have been courting, Sonija mentions that Deric has proposted to her three or four times, but they have only been dating for seven months. During the interview, Deric started to sing love songs and announced "the happiness of a lady is the achievement of a man".

During the interview, the host indicated that upon meeting in the make-up room, Steven Ma had referred to him as Mr Wan, when Deric heard this, he put on a serious face and said: "Not at all! I don't really know him and I don't have any interest in getting to know him, but I think he is a nice guy!" He was then asked: if you don't really know him, how do you know he is a nice guy? He awkwardly replied that he had heard him on an interview.

Sonija was also asked about the rumours about her and Steven and she says that it is all behind her now so she doesn't mind too much about it, but Deric added: "If a man wants to start a family, this is a responsible man and should be brave enough to say it out loud." This is an insight he has gained through his own experiences. When asked what he would score, Deric modestly replied that he would leave this decision up to Sonija.


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