Friday, May 30, 2003

Birthday Girl Flora Chan celebrated her birthday yesterday (30th May) filming on location in Stanley with Damian Lau. Flora says that she was very happy to be able to share a lover's scene with her idol Damian spend her birthday and when Damian found out it was her birthday, he bought her a drink and blew her a special birthday kiss. Flora said happily that she really likes watching Damian's acting and he is her idol, so a kiss from him is really a priceless gift. She received six birthday cakes yesterday, delivered especially by her fans.

Flora indicated that she will be spending the evening with her "Bearded Brawn" friend and his family and advised the press not to bother following her because it will be very boring. Her fans gave her many presents this year, but the present she most wanted was a bin! She explains that this is because she hasn't had a chance to buy one for her new house yet so she has already told Ada Choi to buy her a specific design of rubbish bin. As for her birthday wish, she says that every year is the same, wishing for good health and world peace, as for romance she'll just go with the flow. There have been rumours about her and Moses Chan splitting up, but she says that they never dated so they couldn't split up, however she thanks the press for the attention they are paying her.

With all the crew working in the harsh sunshine for a whole day, but not a word of complaint could be heard from everyone despite sweating lots, especially Damian who was wearing a suit. They both say that it isn't too bad, at least they aren't in ancient costume! Will they be having especially close scenes together? Damian says flirtatiously: "They are special to me!" With Damian's knack of creating atmosphere it is small wonder that so many female artistes want to work with him.


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