Sunday, May 25, 2003

Ben Ng and Joan Tong (Bo Bo) finally ended their nine year marathon of love and was married in the arts centre yesterday. Best man was Siu Chuen Yung, bridesmaid Cerina de Graca led the entourage including Cerina's brother Gabe, Jackie Lui, Eddie Kwan, Ng Ting Wah, Lok Tat Wah, Lai Yin San and Cheung Yu Shing. Although the bride was four months pregnant with a small bump, but she still looked beautiful in her wedding dress. As the newlyweds read out their vows and signed in the register, they couldn't hold back the tears and when they kissed at the end of the ceremony, everyone was very moved. Afterwards, Siu Chuen Yung revealed that during the reading of the vows, the groom was so nervous that he kept stuttering!

Afterwards, the bride and groom were assked who was the first to start crying. Although they both pointed at each other, you could see their fortune and happiness in their faces. The groom indicated that he was very calm beforehand, but when he signed the papers he was very emotional because he has been through so much with Bo Bo and he was so happy now. He says that they have courted and co-habited for nine years and had planned to get married at this stage anyway, but finding the news of the baby as well was just an extra joy on top. The expected birth date is 22nd October and the scans show the baby is a girl. (Has he thought of a name yet?) No, but his sisters have introduced a good adviser who will choose a good name for them. (Will you need your wife to work after giving birth?) No, she wants to look after the baby herself after she is born, so she will be at home and he will be out earning for the family. Ben also reveals that he set his three alarm clocks and his phone to wake him up on time, but he woke before his alarms and set about making sure his friends were all awake, laughing that working hard for a day or two is no problem.

Bo Bo followed all the traditions, including hair combing and not seeing her husband before the wedding day, but she admits she did call him and found out that he had gone drinking with all of his friends. Why did she shed tears in the ceremony? She says that after waiting for so long, it was finally her turn to take her vows! After becoming pregnant, Bo Bo has gained fifteen pounds and it took her about two hours to get her wedding ring on and has had her wedding gown altered many times in the past few weeks, she laughs that she was worried she would burst out of her dress! Is it hard work carrying a baby? She says it is not too hard work - she has not worn too high heels but everyone around her keeps warning her to take care. Bo Bo admits that they had considered changing the date of the wedding due to SARS and thought about wearing a mask during the ceremony, but now that the condition is under control then the masks could be put away. When asked about the baby's name, she laughs that with Ben's surname Ng it is quite difficult, but suggested "Ng Joe" (Don't do it), "Ng Mei Lai" (Not Beautiful) or "Ng Yuen Yee" (Not Willing)!

At the door opening ceremony, the bridesmaid band thought of a couple of new tricks to play on the groom. The first part was to read out his expression of love for his bride - including patience when she puts on her make up, generosity when it comes to her spending his money and recognition of her friends. Also, they instructed the groom to go outside the hotel and ask members of the public for a lipstick, a comb and nine $1 coins. No physical challenges because they felt this was not going to be a problem for this groom. The sum of the door opening money was not revealed, but it was a lucky number indicating eternity.

Cerina de Graca was very happy for the newly weds, saying she had spent a whole night with her aunt in the hotel but didn't chat for too long because of the early morning ahead. When asked if she had her eyes on any of the brothers, she says she hasn't really thought about it because she is only 23.

That evening, the couple had 26 tables at their hotel reception and many guests from the industry arrived with their wishes. Afterwards, there was a big ceremony to cut their cake. They say they haven't really counted how much it all costed because all they want is for everyone to be happy. Their wedding rings weren't specially ordered and their honeymoon destination is yet to be decided.


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