Sunday, May 18, 2003

At a promotional event for "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love", many of the stars appeared, including Nick Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Stephen Au, Joyce Tang and Cheung Chi Kwong. Stephen who had been previously mistaken by the media for grabbing Angela Tong from behind instead of Yeung Ying Wai laughed awkwardly as Yeung joked and called Stephen "Yeung Ying Wai". Stephen then went on to play fight and seemed as though he has put the incident behind him.

Part of the fun and games included a race with Nick carrying Maggie and then Maggie carrying Nick on her back, but she only managed half way before giving up. Another game was originally going to result in either Nick or Stephen having to go through a forfeit, but in the end, Cheung Chi Kwong took the wrap for Nick and ended up being tied up and "tortured". Nick says that he is grateful for Chi Kwong and Angela whilst they were filming on the boat, because during the times of boredom, they had some great fun and games. He also laughed that if it wasn't for Chi Kwong, then the one being tortured would have been him!

Maggie mentioned that when she was photographed at the temple, she was only going with a friend and she has no plans to get married just yet because her career is more important to her. She indicates that although her long term boyfriend has proposed many times, she has never agreed because she doesn't feel it is time just yet. As for Joyce, she says that she is quite pleased that her appearance in the show has been praised, but she says it was just down to good make up and she has never undergone any changes to her eyebrows and finds it funny that this has been suggested.


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