Sunday, May 18, 2003

At the filming of a shop opening scene for "Fung Mo Heung Lo" (Shanghai 1920), Anne Heung and Marco Ngai were non-stop flirting with each other, laughing that they want to create some gossip to help with the promotion for the show. During the filming, Marco got a mosquito bite on his forehead, so Anne helped him put some ointment on to soothe it. Marco then smiled that it isn't every day that you have Miss Hong Kong 1998 rubbing you with ointment. When asked about the incident during filming of a quiz show where Lydia Shum scolded him for playing "Ng Sam Kwai" but not even knowing where Tiananmen was, he says that Lydia was just showing favouritism towards Anne because she "looked like her daughter, Yan Yee". (Em: I think he means she looks chubby....)


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