Wednesday, May 14, 2003

After reports that whilst Benny Chan is away filming in Taiwan, Charmaine Sheh has been going out with Alex Fong, Julian Cheung and now a mystery man, Charmaine explains that these are all exaggerated storied by said magazine and she points out that the man she was out with is the father of her godson and her good friend's husband. She says she will not allow these reports to affect her good friend's marriage.

Filming on the beach at Ma On Shan with Julian Cheung for their new show "Sai Kwan Dai Siu" Charmaine didn't really want to respond to the reporters' questions but after more questioning, she explained the identity of the man who she has been sighted with. She also says that things shouldn't be dreamed up on the basis of a photograph and that the writer of that article should be more responsible. She also refused to comment as to whether she would be calling Benny in Taiwan about the incident.

Whilst filming their romantic scene at the beach, both Charmaine and Julian were wet through and with Charmaine's thin dress, she was in danger of revealing her underwear. Julian jokingly called out to her: "Let's get you wet so you will show your knickers!" making Charmaine fall about laughing.

Source: Chan Wing, Sing Pao http://www.singpao.com/20030515/gossip/372450.html

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