Monday, May 19, 2003

After filming "A Chinese Ghost Story" in China, there have been rumours linking Jessica Hsuan with Wu Jing in a relationship. Jessica refutes this. Wu has recently arrived in Hong Kong to promote his latest show "Drunken Monkey" so when asked if Jessica would play host and take him out, she says that she knows he is in Hong Kong but he will only be staying for a few days and she is busy with her filming of "Fan Li Fa" so she won't be meeting him. About the rumours, Jessica brushes if off saying that it is all gossip and if the media wants to spread this, then she can't stop it. She brings up the example of pulling her and Gallen Lo together that has been lingering for about a year.

Also, Jessica will be filming a lot of location shots for her show "Fan Li Fa" so for vanity's sake and fear of being tanned by the summer sunshine in the shadeless locations, Jessica has ordered some special tents from the internet costing over a hundred US dollars each to hide out in and prevent herself from being sunburnt!


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