Thursday, January 13, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily 14/01/05]

Michael Miu, Melissa Ng, Bernice Liu, Yuen Kit Yee, Patrick Tang and Vivien Yeo were among the stars gathered for the costume tryout for TVB's new series "Disappearance". After taking a guest role in the production of "The Academy" (Police Cadet Brave Hearts) last summer, Michael returns to TVB this time taking the lead role as a private detective.

When asked whether he would be uncovering secret love affairs, Michael says: "It is not just about investigating romances, when you lose a cat, or a dog or even a shoe, you can ask someone to find it for you. The storyline is very light and interesting." When asked if he has left his business in the capable hands of his wife Jamie Chik whilst he is filming, he explains: "We have our other partners keeping an eye on things and our time is spread out well, so I agreed to do this series. As the filming is in Hong Kong and it is a modern show, then it should be very relaxed. Filming last time brought back a lot of happy memories and to be able to work with so many new stars, it is very refreshing. (Will Jamie be coming back to acting?) She is interested, but she has to look after the home, so it is down to me to do it instead."

It was mentioned by Alan Tam that the reviews for his new album are good and even "Ho Man Tin's Fat Chun" (Jamie) has been praising him. Does Michael mind about this? He laughs that he doesn't mind because this nickname was given to her by Alan and has been with her for a long time. She did put on a lot of weight three or four years ago but she is a lot better now. Also Alan is her idol, so whatever he calls her, she will accept it!

Melissa will be playing Michael's girlfriend in the show and working with Michael for the first time, she says excitedly: "I am so happy to be able to work with 'Sam Gor' (Miu's nickname). This is the first time I will be playing two different characters in the same show as I will also be playing my character's missing sister. As the 'sister' character is also that of the mistress of a triad gang leader, I will have to smoke for the role. Later when I have finished filming for 'Fantasy Hotel', then I will be cutting my hair short to tie in with this character."

As for Kit Yee, who has just joined TVB, this is her first series with the company and she will be playing a homosexual character and will also be cutting her hair short. She says: "I will be playing a tomboy who is attracted to Melissa's character and it is very different to what I have played in the past, so I hope that I can put aside the 'Big sister Kit Yee' image that has followed me for so long."

Bernice reveals that in the show she will be playing Michael's assistant and also a detective. In order to follow their leads, she will have to play many different roles, from a massage girl to Charlie's angels, so there will be a lot of sexy images. She says: "There will be a chance to try a lot of different looks, even a masseuse, so it should be a lot of fun! I will be working with Michael, Kenneth Ma and Power Chan for the first time, so it will be very refreshing."


[The Sun 14/01/05]

After working hard in losing 10 lbs recently, Rabee'a Yeung shot a wedding gown advertisement earlier and indicated that she dreams of a fairytale wedding, ideally in Disneyland, riding a pumpkin coach in Snow White's parade. Rabee'a looked her best for the shoot in exchange for a five-figure sum.

Rabee'a says that it was very hard work on the day of the shoot because despite the cold weather, she had to walk barefoot along the beach and with the waves from the sea lapping her feet, they became painful from the cold. However, she laughs that women only care about looking beautiful, so she would still bear the cold. She says that when she gets married in the future, she will also want to have photos taken on the beach: "Because I love the sunshine and the beach, with the blue skies and blue sea in the background, it is not only beautiful, but gives the feeling of a painting."

When asked what her dream wedding would be like, Rabee'a says: "I hope to be able to have a fairytale wedding in Disneyland, wearing a Snow White style wedding dress and riding a pumpkin carriage in a parade receiving the wishes of all my friends and family." When asked what her criteria is for a boyfriend, she laughs: "Of course I want him to be tall, strong and handsome, but the most important thing is that we get on and he loves me."


[The Sun 14/01/05]

Shirley Yeung and Nancy Sit took part in the "3rd Senior Citizen's Further Education College Graduation Day and Quiz Challenge" at Shatin City Hall yesterday and witnessed the graduation ceremony of many elderly students. Shirley says: "Seeing them wearing their graduation gowns and mortar boards reminds me of my own graduation ceremony at the Hong Kong Institute of Education in 2001. (Will you continue your study?) Not at the moment because I have been very busy." There are reports that she has been watching VCD's with her boyfriend to try and improve their acting and she admits it saying: "It is true and I don't mind people pointing it out. At the moment my acting is much better than it was when I first started. (Have you been following the gossip about Nancy and Yeung Pan Pan?) I will support her and hope that she will get over it and not be unhappy.)

Nancy indicates that she is interested in continuing her studies and praised her father in his nineties for his willingness to learn new things, like a font of knowledge. She reveals that she will learn how to use a computer from her children and when asked whether she has a generation gap, she says awkwardly: "Yes, in our outlook on love! In my generation, we were very reserved, but now they have seen and experienced a lot more so they are more open-minded."


[The Sun 14/01/05]

Kenix Kwok was filming for "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" on location at the 'Yucca De Lac' restaurant in Shatin with Joe Ma and John Chiang earlier and she says that when she was a child, her father would bring her here to eat and this left her with many happy memories: "At the time, I liked to have my photo taken beside the lake and coming here to film after so many years gives a very special feeling." In March, Kenix will begin filming a new series with Bobby Au Yeung, where she plays an intelligent and argumentative role. She says: "The feeling will be very much like that of Anita Mui in the film 'Justice, My Foot' and I have been watching videos of her performance to learn from her acting. The show will also include Tavia Yeung and Benny Chan, so it will be like a crossover between 'Shine on You' and 'Vigilante Force'."

In order to relax a little while, Kenix had planned to go on vacation abroad, but because of the South Asian Tsunami Disaster, she has cancelled her trip. She says: "I will not be going on holiday now. Maybe I will go and visit the affected areas and offer as much help as I can. The most important thing in humanity is to offer a helping hand."


[The Sun 14/01/05]

The ever charitable Halina Tam has been invited to a charity musical event alongside Dexter Young and in line with their performance, they have to rehearse ballroom dancing together for the first time. As they are both beginners, they seemed rather clumsy to start with, but with careful instruction from their teacher, they did improve. A little embarrassed, Halina says: "When I was at school, I did Chinese dance, but I have not had any practice for over ten years now, so my limbs have stiffened up!"

As well as having to dance, Halina will also be wearing a low V and backless dress to show off her singing voice: "I think that I am too bony, so I am hoping to pad out my bottom and chest area to make myself more s-shaped and perfect. (Will you be taking breast enhancement pills?) I don't know yet, I will ask some friends about it first."

Dexter is very happy with Halina though and laughs that he is attracted to bony women: "I have to be careful when I select my partner because I cannot choose a girl who is too tall." When asked if he has been asking for dancing tips from his mother, Connie Chan (Bo Chu) he says: "I have asked her for advice about speaking my lines and my expression, but my family are not strong dancers. I will work hard at rehearsals though." He indicates that he will be wearing a dinner jacket and the feeling he had when he tried it on was rather special: "The first time I wore a complete siot was for my High School graduation ball. At the time I was rather fat, so I felt like a little odd, but now it feels very different."


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