Friday, January 14, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 15/01/05]

Michael Tse finally ended his twelve year pursuit of the hand of his girlfriend Tina Lee in a romantic marriage ceremony yesterday. The couple followed the Chinese traditions as the groom collected the bride from her home in the morning before the ceremony was held at Sham Shui Po Country Club in the afternoon. At the venue, there were many photographs of the couple on their special photo shoot in Thailand for the guests to share in their happiness. As it was a very private venue, the press and guests were all asked to switch off their phones and even TVB's own camera crew were strictly regulated so they did not accidentally film any of the club's other members.

The venue for the couple's wedding with its sea views was extremely romantic and the bride was led into the ceremony at the arm of her father as she received the well wishes from her guests and then in the presence of their parents, family and friends, they were joined in matrimony by the deputy registrar before Michael kissed his bride, sealing their love. They both seemed very nervous as they exchanged their rings and Timmy Hung helped the atmosphere by laughing: "Put some emotion into it!" The bride then pulled a cheeky face that caused some amusement.

The 'brothers' in Michael's entourage included Timmy Hung, Louis Yuen, Johnny Tang and choreographer Sunny Wong, whilst Tina's four sisters were led by Bondy Chiu. What was a little unusual was that there was a best man, but no bridesmaid. Michael's screen wife Bondy wore a pastel orange dress together with trainers. Other guests at the ceremony included Patrick Tam, Cheung Tat Ming and his wife, Sima Yin, Bobby Au Yeung's wife and Emotion Cheung and his wife Cheung Yin. Emotion also played photographer for the whole day, helping out very enthusiastically. Michael's two former singing partners Jordan Chan and Jason Chu were also present.

The weather yesterday was rather cold, but luckily the sun was shining and this made the scene much warmer. Michael was thankful to the heavens for keeping the rain away as he had been worried about this for a while. However, in preparation for the wedding, he had been extremely anxious and has not had enough sleep for several nights. Michael says that although he has filmed many wedding scenes in the past, the real thing is very different and of course he is very nervous. when asked if this was his dream wedding, Michael says that it is about 90% of what he had dreamed of and everyone was very happy. After the registration ceremony, there was a cocktail party before a buffet style reception in the evening.

As for the performance of his brothers, Michael was full of praise for their support, doing all his forfeits for him such as Timmy wearing a bra and knickers to run to the supermarket and buy sanitary towels and Louis having to go and catch a wild chicken. Michael says that the sisters were very careful in picking tasks that focussed on their weaknesses and when Timmy gets married in the future, he will certainly repay the favour and help him out. As for whether the lucky packet was astronomical, Michael says: "Of course it was sky high, but in the end I gave them a sum that was acceptable. After all the thought they had put into the games, it was worth it."

Michael reveals that he has been preparing for this wedding since he proposed a year ago and he kept putting off the booking until three months before. Luckily his friend is a member of the country club and booked the venue on his behalf. He also says that his wife had previously been practising her signature to sign the register so that she did not shake too much when she was signing it for real, but when the time came, she was still very nervous and had extremely sweaty palms! As for their plans to start a family, Michael says that he will follow the course of nature.

Timmy revealed that Louis was a little tearful when he watched Michael's wedding ceremony and Louis explained: "I was happy for them because I knew the bride first and then I watched them both start dating and now they are finally married." However, Louis was frightened to tears when he was made to face his greatest fear - chickens. "The sisters targeted our weaknesses and they made me open a box that had a chicken in it. This idea had to come from Bondy! They made me pose for a photo with the chicken, but I couldn't do it, so I held it inside the box, but I was so frightened that I broke out in a sweat!"

Congratulations to Michael and Tina!


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 15/01/05]

Joe Ma and Kenix Kwok were filming for TVB's "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" two nights ago, braving the piercing winds as they shared a romantic meal on Stanley beach.

The weather has been very cold with temperatures falling below 10 degrees C and Kenix also had to film on location yesterday on Kowloon Peak, but as she wanted to attend Michael Tse's wedding reception, the shoot was postponed late into the night. Although she had to brave the midnight cold, she says it was worth it because when she married Frankie Lam, Michael was part of his entourage, so they both had to be present at Michael's big day.


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 15/01/05]

The Yan Chai Charity Show will be held this evening at TVB City and yesterday, Nancy Sit, Shawn Yue, Jade Kwan, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan, Chan Kwan and Dickson Lee were all rehearsing their acts for the show. Stars of "Master of Kung Fu - Wong Fei Hung" Bosco, Sammul, Chan Kwan and Dickson will be doing a display of tile smashing with their hands, feet and heads, raising $5000 per tile that they will be breaking. Yesterday, Sammul was using his hands and Bosco was smashing the tiles with his head. When Bosco was asked if he felt fait at all, he says he is fine, just a little sleepy because he was working late the night before. He believes that he can break about twenty to thirty tiles. With a previous injury to his head, is Bosco worried about sustaining another injury this time? He says that at the moment he does not know if he will definitely be doing the head smashing party in the real thing because it may not be allowed to be aired. Producer Chin Kwok Wai will be checking this against broadcasting regulations and he says that if they are not allowed to show the head smashing, then the artistes can use other parts of their body.

Sammul has been rather nervous about ratings for "Wong Fei Hung" and has been checking the reviews on the internet to see what the fans think. Fortunately the response has been quite good and he is quite relieved.

Linda Chung, Fu Sze Sze, Winnie Shum, Rabee'a Yeung, Jade Kwan and Cecilia Yeung will be doing a 'Cross Dressing Dance' where they will be pairing up and even wearing moustaches for their three minute dance routine, that Linda is finding quite hard work. She says: "Usually when I dance, it is only for about a minute, but this time it is for charity and I believe our act will raise $500,000 so I hope that after watching the dance, the audience will donate even more." As she has worked together with him filming for "Virtues of Harmony", Linda says that she attended Michael Tse's wedding reception yesterday. When asked what gift she presented the couple with, she says that she gave them money because she was worried if she bought them something they would already have it, so cash is the most practical gift as it can go towards a very luxurious honeymoon.

In the 'Kung Fu Charity Soccer' item, Nancy will be performing with Shawn and Jade to blow the ball on a table into the other team's goal. When Shawn was asked why he is taking part in such an easy performance, he says that recently he has been flying between Hong Kong and Taiwan a lot and has had not had much time to rehearse, so he could only do a simple task. When asked if he has made a lot of money with so many stage performances over the new year, he laughs that he has made a fair amount of money, but he has to save up for the Chinese New Year because he handed out lucky packets to his colleagues last year and gave away a lot of money. The money he received in lucky packets was not balanced with the amount he handed out.

Nancy was a little late for her rehearsal yesterday and she was very apologetic. She says that she will be heading to America on 26th to receive an achievement award as well as do some stage performances and when asked if she will be travelling with her boyfriend, she says she will not because he does not have time. She will return to Hong Kong on the fourth day of the new year. Her son will be entering university next year, so she will also be checking out a suitable establishment for him to attend. As for Michael Tse's wedding day, Nancy says she has already given him a gift of a soup-making rice cooker and a pair of coconuts in the hope that they will have plenty of children!


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