Wednesday, January 19, 2005

[Ta Kung Pao 20/01/05]

Contestant numbers 17 to 22 in this year's "Miss Chinese International Pageant" filmed in Qing Dynasty costumes at TVB City yesterday and this is the first time that Hong Kong representative No 17 Kate Tsui has worn period costume. She says that when she was young, she wore a Qing costume for ballet, but it was rather simplified. Riding on the back of the popularity of "War and Beauty", she feels that the costume this time is very beautiful and all the outfits and shoes have been especially made for the event. As for whether it is hard to walk in Qing palatial shoes, Kate says that it is not and she can actually walk faster than wearing heels, but she does say that the hairpiece is very heavy.

For this year's pageant, the girls will be wearing fur as well as bikinis and Kate was asked if she has been keeping fit. She says that she started her regime very early on. She adds that although she is representing Hong Kong, she still has to move into the hotel with the other contestants and for security reasons, she has to sign out when she goes out. Even when her mother brings her soup, she has to take it to TVB City to hand it to her.


[Ta Kung Pao 20/01/05]

TVB's new series "Mr Chan of Foshan" held its studio blessing ceremony yesterday and cast members attending included Yuen Biao, Timmy Hung, Leung Ka Yan and his son Leung Ho Yee. At the age of just twenty, Ho Yee is Leung Ka Yan's youungest son and has appeared in series before. He has signed with TVB on a 'per-series' contract in the hope of laying a path for himself into showbiz.

After seven or eight years away from TVB, is Leung Ka Yan's return for this series in the hope of helping his son? He says: "I have hoped that I could work with my son, but there are many others in this series whom I have not worked with for a while, such as Yuen Biao and producer Chong Wai Kin, so I wanted to work with them again. (Do you hope that your son can succeed you?) I have nothing to succeed! (So are you keeping an eye on him?) He is old enough now and knows how to think for himself, so I don't need to watch over him." In teh series, Ho Yee will be playing Ka Yan's nephew, so they will have plenty of scenes together.

Ho Yee says that working opposite his father will have a certain amount of pressure, because with one look from his dad, he will feel quite uncomfortable, so he would rather work with strangers. Asked if his kung fu is as good as that of his father, Ho Yee says that he has only been learning Wing Chun for a few months.

On the topic of successors, Yuen Biao was asked when he would be allowing his son to enter the industry. He says that his son is only seventeen years old and studying is still a priority. His son has very little contact with people from showbiz and would rather work abroad. When asked if he was his son's idol with his excellent martial arts, Yuen laughs: "He has never complimented me before!"


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