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[The Sun & Oriental Daily 09/01/05]

2004 Jade Solid Gold Top Ten Music Awards - Winners

JSG Top Ten

Massage Girl - Andy Lau
Love and Sincerity - Leo Ku
Only One in the World - Joey Yung
Leaving Me Loving You - Miriam Yeung
Entertaining All - Gigi Leung
Dowry - Kelly Chen
Flying Man - Hacken Lee
Scent of a Woman - Twins
Not Quite Perfection - Andy Hui & Deanie Ip
Navy - Edmond Leung

2004 Outstanding Performance Awards

Gold: Edison Chen
Silver: Shawn Yue
Bronze: Jade Kwan

Backstage Awards
Best Composer: Leaving Me Loving You - Mark Lui
Best Lyricist: Keanu Reeve's Reply - Wyman Wong
Best Arrangement: Jade Drama - Leung Kei Cheuk @ Yan San Yan Hoi
Best Production: Love and Sincerity - Mark Lui

Most Popular Newcomer
Gold: Fiona Sit
Silver: Yan Ng
Bronze: Endy Chow

Most Popular Group
Gold: Twins
Silver: Cookies
Bronze: Boy'z

Most Popular Mandarin Songs
Gold: Actually I have love - Andy Lau
Silver: Lone Photo - Joey Yung
Bronze: Happy Girl - Yu Fei Men

Most Popular Male Singer
Andy Lau

Most Popular Female Singer
Joey Yung

Most Popular HK Male Artiste in Asia-Pacific region
Andy Lau

Most Popular HK Female Artiste in Asia-Pacific region
Kelly Chen

Golden Song Award
Leaving Me Loving You - Miriam Yeung

Most Popular Advertisement Songs
Gold: Heart Illness - Joey Yung
Silver: Always Talking Tao - Andy Lau
Bronze: Inter-dimension Contact - Twins, Boy'z & Isabella Leung

Most Popular Duet
Love Well - Alex Fong & Stephy Tang

Most Popular Cover Version and Performance
Looking Good - Emme Wong

Live Performance Award
Joey Yung & Anthony Wong

Newcomers Trial Gold Song Award
Uncontrolled Mind - Wilfred Lau

Most Popular Phone Vote Song
Yellow - Nic Tse

Most Popular Singer Songwriters Award

Gold: Gigi Leung
Silver: Hins Cheung
Bronze: Pong Nam

2004 Joint Media Award for Best Album and Producer
Electric Light Fantasy - Miriam Yeung

JSG Honorary Music Award
James Wong

TVB's Jade Solid Gold Music Awards were held last night and beating the 'New Four Heavenly Kings', Andy Lau reclaimed his top spot, taking five awards including "Most Popular Male Singer" and "Most Popular Male Singer in Asia-Pacific". Winning this award again for the first time in a number of years, Andy was in tears when he went on the stage.

The results to this third of the four music 'Report Cards' to be delivered at the end of each year were to everyone's agreement. Andy was the top winner, taking five awards and when he received the top male singer award, he cried as he said: "The feeling to get back what was lost is a very clear one and I hope that those who have lost in the faraway places will soon get back what they have lost." Taking a combination of the top music awards as well as the top film awards this year, Andy has fulfilled his ambition of winning a clean sweep of awards across music and film.

Joey Yung took the top female award for the second year running and she said tearfully: "I am very thankful to my record company, because without them, there would not be the me you see today. No other record company would have been able to do this for me and in these few years, I have experienced a lot of deaths and departure as people I love have died or left for other places." The female singer Asia-Pacific award went to Kelly Chen.

In memory of musical genius James Wong, a special award was presented to him posthumously and was accepted on his behalf by his daughter Ursule. When receiving the award, she said: "This month I have really felt the strength and power of my father and thank you to everyone who likes my father. In life, he did not see great importance in awards, but this award is very important to my family because we can see his position in the music industry and I hope that people will continue to love my father's songs and remember his laughter." After this, Frances Yip and Wynners Band presented a tribute to James, singing his song and Ursule joined in with them as the other stars waved glosticks on the stage. As the winners of the live performance award Joey and Anthony Wong sung one of James' songs on the stage, there was a review of his life shown on the big screen.

With the reports of physical conflict between Edison Chen and Shawn Yue on the stage in previous years, when Edison and Shawn were presented with 'Outstanding Performance' awards, there was obviously some animoscity between them as they ignored each other and Edison was not happy at all. Later on when asked why he was upset, Edison said: "Last year I won the improvement award, this year I get the outstanding performance award, it feels like I haven't improved at all. I want to win a JSG Gold award because this is a comparison with other people and not with myself." Later Edison continue to protest as he was supposed to duet with Andy Hui in a performance, but he refused to sing and Andy had to improvise and keep singing along. When Hacken noticed this, he turned and asked him to start singing, but later Edison just left the stage early. On the other hand, Shawn seemed to be very happy and indicated he was just along for the ride and had not thought about winning any awards at all, so he was surprised to have won the silver award.

Andy Hui and Deanie Ip's song was among the top ten and when they were invited on stage, Deanie could not stop complimenting Andy for being a good man, exclaiming: "Where would you find such a good person?" Hacken Lee was stunned when he heard this sitting in the audience, but when he noticed that the cameras were on him, he forced a smile for the audience.


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily 09/01/05]

Hong Kong's only "Golden Rooster Showroom" was opened yesterday and Shirley Yeung was invited to be a guest at the event. There were plenty of golden chicken figures at the store and to tie in with the celebratory mood, Shirley was wearing a red outfit as well as jewellery worth $530,000 that had been sponsored by the jewellery chain, who also presented her with her own golden chicken figure. Also at the event was a Geomancy expert Mak Ling Ling who read Shirley's horoscope for her, saying that those born in the year of the horse will have a lot of romantic luck next year and there is a chance of marriage.

Afterwards, Shirley was asked if she would be getting married this year and she laughs that she has not planned this yet and in the next five years, she will be working hard on furthering her career. The fortune teller then went on to say that Shirley was rather conservative in her ways and does not like to try new things and Shirley agreed with this: "That is right! When I use a particular brand, then I will continue using it and rarely change, so my boyfriend does not need to worry! (If someone asks you out, would you decline?) I don't need to decline outright as such, they all know I have a boyfriend, so they will retreat naturally."

Shirley was also predicted good money luck for next year and was advised that she should buy a car. However, healthwise, she needs to be careful of injuries. She says: "I will be more careful when I am filming then. (Will you buy an apartment?) I would like to but I have not had time to look at sites. I hope that I can buy in the countryside because the air is cleaner there. (Will you move in with your boyfriend?) No, I hope to find a bigger place where I can live with my family more comfortably."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 09/01/05]

Mandy Cho and Gigi Lai were working on "Rouge and Powder" yesterday and the rather cutesy Mandy had to act a scene where she was shouting at someone and as she was not used to this, she caused a few NG's (outtakes). Afterwards, Mandy admitted that this was the first time she had lost her temper in this way, so it was quite difficult for her and when asked if she had helped Mandy out, Gigi replied: "I am not qualified to teach anyone anything. Mandy is very hardworking and she just needs a little practice." Gigi has been working hard and she has had to see a doctor as she has a respitory infection from only sleeping for five hours every day. She will be leading this show from beginning to the end, but the producer is very accommodating for her and making sure she has as much rest as she can.

Reports from the mainland have indicated that when Wong He was being interviewed by a local reporter about his "Shades of Truth" co-stars Julian Cheung and Gigi, he said that he was from the same generation as Julian and has known Gigi for 11 years, but there is a huge difference in their popularity and he sighs that 'Some stars have all the luck'. When it was mentioned about Gigi winning the 'Favourite Female Lead Award' at last year's TVB anniversary, Wong He displayed a case of 'sour grapes' as he said that he felt Gigi's acting and appearance has not improved over the last ten years and if it was not for the award, no-one would have noticed her acting talent at all, then sighing that life is harsh.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/01/05]

Cerina Da Graca and supermodels Sophie Rahman and Danielle were invited by a skincare product to take part in a promotional event on an open top bus yesterday and Cerina indicated that she did not have to work on Friday evening, so she was able to stay at home and watch the "Crossing Borders" show that left her very touched. She feels that the Hong Kong people are amazing because this event has raised tens of millions of dollars for the victims that is equivalent to each person in Hong Kong donating around $100. She feels that the people here are very charitable. When the disaster took place, she was on vacation with friends in Paris, but when she heard the news, she immediately called the hotline to donate.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/01/05]

Gordon Liu, Mary Hon, Donald Cheung and Amy Wu were invited to a haircare event wher they talked about their skills in looking after their hair. Gordon has had to shave off his hair for his work in the past and he indicated that he has wanted to grow his hair back, but as he grows older, his regeneration powers are growing weaker, so it is taking a long time. This haircare centre also provided him with the wigs he wore whilst filming for "Shades of Truth".

Gordon says that although it was a wig, it was made from real hair and if you looked at it close up, you could even see the roots of the hairs and it was very lifelike. He indicates that he does not want to grow his hair long any more and would like to order a wig instead as it would be easy for him to change his hairstyle once in a while. He admits that it does get rather hot with a wig on, but he is willing to put up with this. Mary does not have any problem with losing her hair, but her hair is naturally quite sparse, so she uses artificial hair to make herself look better. She says that modern extensions are amazing and can even be styled into different designs. As for Donald, he says his hair is rather soft, like cat's fur, so it is difficult to change his style, but this salon has sponsored a number of styles for his concerts and he will have plenty of new designs for his 2005 concert.


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