Thursday, January 06, 2005

[Oriental Daily, 2005-01-06]

The stars have been actively taking part in the charity auction organized by the Oriental Daily newspaper. Sheren Tang is supposed to leave Hong Kong to work on a film project today, but upon hearing about the event, she took the time to go back home and dig out her beloved Chopard diamond watch for the auction. The initial bid was $60,000.

Sheren says, "This auction is for a good cause, so I've decided to sell this diamond watch. I got it after doing a stage performance in Hong Kong last year. It was a present from the manager to show his appreciation, and I honestly never received such an expensive gift before. I liked it so much that I only wore it once, and planned to give it to my daughter when she gets married. Anyway, thinking about the people suffering from the tsunamis, I'm more than willing to give up this match. Hopefully it can be sold for a great sum and therefore help more people."

Nancy Sit is putting up a diamond necklace and a blouse for sale. "I won the necklace on the TVB anniversary show. It has a lot of pearls and two diamonds, and it is really lucky! The original price was $23,000, and now I'm selling it for $10,000! As long as I can contribute to the relief effort, I'm glad."

Meg Lam has also donated a pearl necklace to the cause. She says, "To help more people devastated by the disaster, I hope you guys keep bidding and push the price (of this necklace) to more than $3,000!"


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