Wednesday, January 12, 2005

[Oriental Daily 13/01/05]

Gambling tycoon Stanley Ho's fourth 'wife' Angela Leong held a special launch party in Beijing for the release of her monthly publication in China and among the guests were Roger Kwok and his girlfriend Cindy Au. It would appear that Roger and Ms Leong's relationship is quite strong and Roger says he has to give his respect to her, whilst Cindy adds: "It's alright if you are asked by Stanley Ho!"

Roger says that this is the first time he has taken part in a function together with his girlfriend and this is all down to the respect he has for Angela. He says: "I worked with Ms Leong earlier, so I am here at her request. (You are being paid well?) Don't talk about it like that, this is all because of the occasion as I would like to take part in some worthwhile causes." Roger is particularly happy that he can work away together with his girlfriend, but sighs that the time is too short and they do not have time to go and look around.

Roger also says that he has been asked to film together with his girlfriend, but he has always rejected this, saying: "It would be too awkward to work with her because there would be a lot of pressure and it would be really ugly and we would end up unhappy." Cindy agrees with him, saying: "Once he came to visit me on set and originally I was doing very well, but when I saw him smirking, I started having NG's and in the end I had to push him out of the studio."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 13/01/05]

Michael Tse will be getting married tomorrow (14th Jan) to his long time girlfriend Tina and yesterday one of his entourage Johnny Tang accompanied him to a final fitting of his outfit. When Michael donned his dinner jacket, Johnny laughed: "Your outfit looks just like that of my father (the late Cantonese Opera star Tang Wing Cheung), when he got married, black tie and tails, just the trousers weren't grey." Michael then tried on an open collar evening suit and laughed that he will have to 'push out' his chest muscles. Johnny laughed jokingly: "Add a couple of brushes of shadows on, I am good at that!"

Groom-to-be Michael says: "Bondy and the rest of the 'sisters' will be very tough and I have heard along the grapevine that they will be planning lots of tricks to play. Luckily there are only four of them and there are eight of my 'brothers' with me including Johnny, Louis Yuen and Timmy Hung, so we should be able to beat them on just numbers." Johnny joked: "We will be like muggers - two brothers to each girl, dancing in to pick up the bride. I was thinking of getting Michael a mistress for the stag night." As Michael was doubled over with laughter, he said: "No mistresses, no strippers, just a blow up doll."

Tomorrow afternoon, the happy couple will be marrying at the Hong Kong Country Club and then holding a buffet reception in the evening. As for the news that good friend Chapman To will also be getting married soon, Michael is very happy for him, also revealing that Chapman had asked him about tips for marriage after the fundraising event at the Hong Kong Stadium earlier. Michael says: "I knew there was something up, so of course I gave him some advice. I have heard that Andy Lau will be sponsoring his reception, if that is true, then I am very envious of him!"


[Oriental Daily 13/01/05]

Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam and Kevin Cheng are currently filming in Singapore for the joint production "Yummy Yummy" and they appeared with the other cast members at a press event earlier. Although the stars hail from different countries, they still get along very well and what makes Charmaine the most excited is that the Singaporean artistes are very attentive of the Hong Kong actors' performances, so she is sure that there will be a good exchange of experiences.

Tavia indicates that the local hosts have been very hospitable and taken them to visit all the sights and sample all the local foods, so she is feeling extremely relaxed and leisurely as she combines work with pleasure. She says: "Although this is the first time I have worked with Singaporean actors, we are still having a great time and they say that they will take us to eat some good stuff. That's fantastic!"


[Oriental Daily 13/01/05]

Gigi Lai, Mandy Cho, Moses Chan and Ram Tseung were in Fanling filming for "Rouge and Powder" yesterday in a scene that tells of Ram owing a big gambling debt and commits suicide in front of them, but for safety reasons, a body double was used for this scene.

There have been rumours earlier that Gigi has been unhappy about Mandy's frequent NG's and showing displeasure, but yesterday the two women were seen to be chatting away merrily with no animoscity at all. Talking of the reports, Gigi could not help laughing as she said: "Haha, we are working together very well actually, so you have fallen for the plan. Don't publicise for the magazines, there is nothing between us. NG's are nothing, I have them too." Mandy supported her saying: "Even if Gigi coaches me, then that is very normal. It would be even worse if she just watched me doing it badly and did not say anything."

In the series, Gigi and Mandy play sisters and although they do not know each other that well yet in real life, they seem to be quite friendly and when Gigi was asked if she would teach Mandy to act, she says: "She is very intelligent, not like some newcomers who are very naive. (Like who?) Like me, when I first started, I was very dreamy and no-one taught me. It was only after being told off too much that I started smartening up."


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