Sunday, December 26, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun, 2004-12-26]

Linda Chung, Joyce Chen and Amy Ng had to work on Christmas Eve, as they were shooting a water scene for "Virtues of Harmony". Joyce stole everybody's thunder (including the beauty pageant winner Linda) and became the focus of the set when she appeared in a bikini, showing off her 35D "devil's figure".

Asked if she felt Joyce drew all the attention, Linda laughed, "I didn't think that way. My swimsuit wasn't bad at all. Had many chances to wear bikinis during the course of the pageant, and too often, I had to worry about 'slipping' something. So, I like my swimsuit, and don't really miss bikinis." Linda also confessed she doesn't know how to swim. She said, "I learned swimming when I was a kid in Canada, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Plus, it was quite inconvenient to swim with contact lenses, so I quit."

Asked about Joyce's figure, Linda laughed and said her great figure was a well-known fact. As to her own figure, Linda said she was happy with her current "bigger" body, as she had been way too skinny before.

Joyce admitted she was satisfied with her figure, but she hoped it could be even better. For example, tighter muscles. This way, she can look even more impressive. Before shooting this particular water scene, she worked really hard to lose weight, and ended up in a hospital because of low blood sugar, leaving her mother quite worried. She didn't really learn a lesson, as she confessed she only drank half a glass of water before shooting, and went for a crazy Christmas dinner afterwards to balance things off.

In return for Linda's compliments, Joyce added all three girls are beautiful, and that they are "three golden flowers".


[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-12-26]

Bowie Lam was signing copies of his new solo album "Dreaming of 'War and Beauty'" in a Chai Wan store yesterday, and drew a lot of fans. He used to do this with Flora Chan, but it was his first time on his own. Besides signing the albums, Bowie also sang a few songs and interacted with the audience. They sang together and played games, and some lucky fans got to have presents. The atmosphere was great.

Since girlfriend had to work, Bowie spent the Christmas Eve alone, watching DVD at home. They went out for dinner and caught a movie last night. Bowie said, "I've been working the past few holiday seasons. I was looking forward to a quiet Christmas this year."

Having worked in Taiwan, Singapore and Korea for a while, Bowie only found out about the water leakage in his new house when he came back recently. The problem is pretty serious and it stems from the water pipes of the unit directly upstairs. Bowie's bathroom(s) and bedroom(s) are in a bad shape. He laughed bitterly, "The only thing I can do is file a complaint (and wait for someone to fix the problem). Alas, it's Christmas, and repairmen are off! My house is mainly painted in white, and now you can see the yellow water marks everywhere. What a pain! Of course, I believe the people upstaris didn't do this on purpose. Now that they'll pay the maintenance fees, I'll just take this water disaster as a sign of luck and fortune in the future."


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