Saturday, December 04, 2004

[The Sun, 2004-12-04]

Gigi Lai's popularity has skyrocketed since winning the favorite female lead award on TVB's anniversary show. In hopes for good ratings, TVB has decided to give "Shades of Truth" a chance!

In the past, when producers left TVB, their work would be buried without a doubt. "Shades of Truth", in which Gigi has a starring role, was produced by Hiu Hin Fai. Since he already left TVB, it was almost certain that "Shades" would never get to be aired. Seeing that Gigi is riding high on her recent win, TVB made an exception and decided to start airing "Shades of Truth" on December 27, after "The Last Breakthrough" finishes.

Producer Hiu has not received words from TVB on whether they need him to help promote "Shades", but he believes TVB will not bury a good production just because the producer has left, especially if that production costs almost 10 million dollars. Hiu, however, is not too optimistic about "Shades" being well received. He says it will be aired during Christmas and New Year holidays, and as history shows, ratings tend to be less than stellar during the holiday season.

Upon knowing "Shades" will be aired next, Gigi says, "File this one under the 'crazy comedy' category. It's hilarious. My role is definitely 180 from Yuk Ying in 'War And Beauty' who cries all the time!" Gigi denies that "Shades" is getting a second chance because of her recent victory. "I have nothing to do with it. Julian Cheung has a lot of drawing power!" Gigi also adds that "Riches and Stitches", which was also produced by Hiu Hin Fai, may get a second chance as well.

TVB will shoot a Gigi special soon, and that shows how red hot she currently is. Maybe gossip is the inevitable price for being popular, Gigi Lai was rumored to have kicked Sheren Tang out of "Powder and Rouge" and taken her role. She indicates she does not want the truth to be distorted. "As long as I see a great script, I'll take the offer. I won't take anything else into consideration."


[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-12-04]

Sheren Tang attended a special event raising AIDS awareness yesterday. She hoped people could put the prejudice aside and show more loving care toward AIDS patients. During the event, proper ways to use a condom were demonstrated for both males and females. Sheren said she would recommend some of the techniques to her female friends, as she knows a lot of males are reluctant to use a condom, and thus females should protect themselves more. She said she would ask her boyfriend to wear one too, but then changed the word "boyfriend" to "husband", saying it will be safer for both parties.

Sheren also admits she really wants to try an AIDS patient type of role. She says artists have a lot of responsibilities and they should bring postive messages to the public if they get a chance. She also hopes to visit some AIDS patients someday.

Even before taking part in this event, Sheren always asked her friends to take precautions. She thinks raising awareness is very important. A lot of youngsters have drug abuse problems these days, and that increases the possibility of catching AIDS, and for girls, getting pregnant. She stresses that besides taking precautions, young people must also stay away from drugs.


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