Tuesday, December 07, 2004

[The Sun 07/12/04]

Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung, Joey Yung and Candy Lo were among the stars at a press conference for TVB's "Jade Solid Gold Top Ten Awards" and as it was also Hacken's 37th birthday yesterday, he was receiving congratulations all day. Towards the end of the event, the lights went out and MC Denise Ho brought out a birthday cake for him as the stars returned to the stage to wish him a happy birthday. Denise was made to give him a birthday kiss and Hacken was very surprised by the gesture. Maybe Andy Hui had already heard about this, so he had made his excuses for his absence, saying he was busy with other work.

Hacken indicated that he did not know about the surprise and to have so many stars celebrating with him, he said: "It proves I still have some popularity with my colleagues! (TVB are treating you well!) TVB are just reminding me that I still have to work on my birthday and I cannot be lazy! (Andy Lau hopes you will win the 'Most Popular Male Singer' again this year?) He is my biggest threat, but I will wear white again because it seems to be lucky for me!" Hacken had been for a hotpot with his girlfriend Emily Lo to celebrate his birthday the day before and had a romantic night in with her afterwards.


[The Sun 07/12/04]

Shirley Yeung has seven pug dogs and as she holds them, she shows how much she loves them on her face. However, there is not always unity among her pets as they have fought each other for attention before and calling herself "Granny Yeung", Shirley often has to step in to make things fair and stop the dogs from being jealous of each other.

This is how it happened...
Shirley fulfilled her childhood dream over a year ago, when she bought herself three pug dogs and at the time, her family members were "Mung Mung Ju", "Bat Mui" and "Bat B" in a two male, one female triangular relationship. As "Mama Yeung", she already had to step in to stop the fighting between the males. Just over six months ago, Bat Mui and Mung Mung Ju became parents and had four puppies, including "Heha" and "Cha Cha", so "Mama Yeung" became "Granny Yeung" and became the centre of even more conflicts between her 'children'.

In reality, it is not so easy to enjoy so much company and with seven dogs to look after, Shirley says it is like the conflicts in the palace and often the dogs will fight when they are feeding in the back yard. So how does Granny Yeung deal with her grandchildren's fighting? She explains her philosophy saying: "Dogs are not that different from humans really, they still need love and care. As the owner of seven dogs, the most important thing is to treat them fairly and love them all just as much, that way they will not become jealous."

In order to be fair, each dog has it's own turn in front of the camera with her for interviews and the dog chosen by Shirley for this shoot was Heha. Just over six months old, Heha did not give a good show as he was sick during the shoot, frightening Shirley to death as she would not let go of him even when she was having her hair and make up done. Fortunately, after warming up, Heha was back to his usual lively self and Shirley breathed a sigh of relief, saying: "When I see one of them being ill, then I will be very scared because there is usually a chain reaction and if all seven of them are ill, then it is worse than the fight for attention!"


[Ta Kung Pao 08/12/04]

Ursule Wong was back at work yesterday hosting "Pleasure and Leisure", working together with Cherrie Kong and Cheung Chi Man. Ursule says that originally Cherrie was just to stand in for her temporarily, but now working together with the three of them, it is even better.

After coming back to work, Ursule has become the target of the press and when she left TVB City yesterday, she was immediately followed by the reporoters. As she has never met this situation before, she was so frightened that she went through a red light and darted in and out of the traffic to try and lose the press, but she did not succeed. She laughs: "Thinking back, it was quite dangerous and it was the first time that I have gone through a red light and I am very sorry. I will drive safely in the future." She also says that she never would have thought she would be followed by four or five cars and to avoid any danger in the future, she will not be driving for the time being and take a taxi instead.


[The Sun 07/12/04]

Hot favourites for the music newcomers awards Fiona Sit and Isabella Leung are deep in competition for this year's awards and in a bid to win TVB's newcomer award, Fiona Sit has agreed to film another series for them. Each pulling out the stops in the run up to the awards at the end of the year, they both appeared together at an event earlier, but Fiona's chances of winning at TVB seem much better than Isabella after agreeing to film for new series "Mystery Trend" at the end of this month. Having been through months of hard work filming for "The Academy" (Police Cadet Brave Hearts) and creating much gossip for herself, she will be making series again and giving up a lot for it.

Talking of Fiona's talents, her song "A Reply from Keanu Reeves" has topped the newcomer's charts for three weeks and has been very successful, but she caused a few rumours whilst filming earlier and almost ruined her chances of taking an award.

Reports indicate that "Mystery Trend" is a youth version of the earlier hit supernatural series "Mystery Beyond" and TVB will be inviting a group of young idols to star in these short stories, including Fiona, Cookies, 2R and the 12 members of the Jade New Army. As for the earlier narration piece by Philip Chan in the classic version, this will be done by Ekin Cheng. The show is planned to be aired at the end of January next year and as this is near to Chinese New Year, producer Chin Kwok Wai says that there will be some fun topics so that the viewers will be happy to watch it.

TVB's "Jade Solid Gold Top Ten Awards" held a press conference yesterday and revealed that the ceremony will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum next year and in a groundbreaking move, there will be a special broadcast on 29th December showing some scenes of singers vying for viewers' votes. TVB's Variety and Music Senior Manager Chan Ka Yeung indicates that the show will be extended by half an hour, when the stars will come and ask for the viewers votes and superstars such as Andy Lau will be appearing at the event.


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