Thursday, December 02, 2004

[The Sun 03/12/04]

TVB's official weekly magazine has had a change in leadership recently and even its style of reporting has changed. As well as forming its own press gang, they have also said that they will print revealing photographs, leading to over ten resignations from the editorial team. When Charmaine Sheh was asked how she felt about this, she says she hopes that the magazine can continue to uphold its priority to promote TVB series and not change its quality. However, TVB External Affairs Assistnat Chief Tsang Sing Ming has admitted that eleven members of staff have handed in their notice and says that there will be some changes in the magazine's format, so it looks like the artistes are going to have to be even more careful from now on!


[The Sun 03/12/04]

Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Bowie Lam, Nancy Sit and Sammul Chan have recently been to Taiwan to promote TVB series and as well as being interviewed by the local radio and press, they also recorded a special show for TVBS, where they performed some sketches and created lots of laughter.

Also, despite their fully packed schedule, they still had a chance to try out some of the local hawker food and Booby asked the crew to take him to the night market, where he bought three pairs of trainers. Bobby says that on this trip, he had a really good time: "As well as being able to go shopping and eating, the most important thing was to be able to work with Jessica on this Taiwan trip. We haven't worked together since 'Witness to a Prosecution' and I am happy to see her again. I hope that we can work together again in a series soon."


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[The Sun 03/12/04]

Stephanie Che's mother was sentenced to seven years in prison last year after being convicted of theft. At an appeal court hearing yesterday, this was reduced to five and a half years and when Stephanie heard this, she was very happy and hopes that she can be reunited with her mother again very soon.

As the court prepared to read its verdict, Che Yee Fan and her husband Chan Chin Pang were led into the room to hear it. The full hearing was held last month, where their not guilty appeal was turned down, but the decision for the appeal to reduce the sentence was adjourned. The judge indicated yesterday that as the claimant had also lodged a civil case against them and they had sold property to return the money to their victim, then in light of this, their sentences would be reduced by 18 months to five and a half years.

Stephanie herself was filming through the night, so she was not in court to hear the verdict. In a telephone interview, she said: "Of course I am happy, but I am still not clear on when my mother can return home." She says that when the solicitor told her the good news, she had just returned home after work. Stephanie says: "As the reply was issued in a written statement, then I did not go to the court. The lawyer told me the result and I am looking forward to being reunited with my mother. (Are you pleased with the result?) I respect the decision of the court."

Case reference: CACC 163/2003


[The Sun 03/12/04]

Louis Koo was at a press conference for his sponsors TAG Heuer yesterday as their spokesperson and he revealed that they had presented him with many designer watches, including a limited edition piece yesterday worth $16,000. When asked if he would make the same mistake as Coco Lee and wear the wrong brand for the events, Louis says: "No, there will be someone around to point it out to me."

As for James Wong's very private funeral leaving many people in the showbiz circles rather shocked, Louis says: "I had a surprise when I watched the news. I had wanted to send him a wreath, because when I was interviewed by Uncle Jim, I learned a lot from him."


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