Tuesday, December 28, 2004

[Ming Pao, Special Year-End Ratings Report]

The most successful TVB production in 2004 is definitely "War And Beauty". It was talk of the town a while ago, and had impressive ratings from start to finish. The finale scored a solid 39 points on average, and peaked at 41. About 2.7 million viewers tuned in--the highest number all year long. It also set a new record for the ratings of a weekend finale (finales usually fall on Fridays) since TVB began monitoring the numbers six years ago. Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam won "My Favorite Female Lead" and "My Favorite Male Lead" respectively during the annual anniversary, and the hotness of "War" continued.

If we look at the average ratings, the number one spot belongs to "To Catch the Uncatchable", starring Dayo Wong and Ada Choi. It scored a satisfactory 32.5 points and edged out "War And Beauty" by a mere 0.2. The finale's average was 35, and peaked at 39--about 2.56 million viewers tuned in. Because the audience was hugely upset by the final twist (Dayo's death) in the story, TVB was flooded by complaints and angry calls. In an unprecedented move, they made an alternative happy ending to satisfy the viewers.

Although "War" and "Catch" were both big winners, their success could not reach the level of "Square Pegs" and "The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow" in 2003. Both serials peaked at 46 points, and "Square Pegs" scored 37 on average. Roger Kwok did pretty well again this year, as "To Get Unstuck In Time" scored 30 points on average and is number three on the year-end chart, following "War" and "Catch".

The rest of 2004's top 10 (from No.4 to 10, in order of sequence) are: "Shine On You", "Armed Reaction IV", "The Conqueror's Story", "Virtues of Harmony", "Lady Fan", "To Love with No Regrets", and "Twin of Brothers". Rounding out the top 15 are: "Hard Fate", "Angels of Mission"/"A Handful of Love" (tied at No. 12), "Blade Heart"/"Split Second" (tied at No.13), "Dream of Colours" and "The Vigilante in the Mask".

ATV still lost big time in the ratings competition, as the high-profile "My Date with A Vampire III" only managed to hit 7 or 8 points, and never reached double digits.

Looking ahead, there are plenty of productions to look forward to. Gigi Lai will be the leading lady in "Rouge and Powder", Ron Ng and Joe Ma will pair up again in "Hotel Turmoils" after they worked together in "Triumph In The Skies", Ekin Cheng willl return to the small screen and shoot a flying-themed story, and of course, there is the modern version of "Square Pegs" starring the golden couple Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan. Stay tuned!

The title of "worst ratings of TVB productions aired in prime time 2004" goes to "The Vigilante In the Mask", starring Deric Wan. It scored only 26 points on average, which means about 1.71 viewers tuned in. The second worst is "Dream of Colours", starring Myolie Wu and Rain Li. Its average number was 26.8 points.

"Split Second", the co-production with Thailand, did not live up to the expectations. Another grand production "Blade Heart" also failed miserably, although it starred veteran actors such as Liza Wang and Adam Cheng. "Split" and "Blade" share the third worst title, as both averaged 27 points.

TVB's recent serials have been in a slump, and no one can continue the success of "Catch" and "War" just yet. The anniversary serial "The Last Breakthrough" did not draw in big numbers of audience as expected. In its worst week, the ratings averaged 26 points. The number bounced back 2 points as it went into the final week. The finale was aired on Sunday (Dec. 26th), and the final number is out. The average of the whole serial was a disappointing 27 points.

"Kung Fu Soccer", which is not a TVB production, has a star-studded cast, and was bought to air on TVB. Unfortunately, it is not doing very well either. It's been on air for two weeks, and the ratings only reached 28 and 27 points respectively.


Thanks to tvbfan for the pointer!

P.S. It's been confirmed that Jet Li is all right. He was mildly injured while trying to save his daughter, but nothing serious.

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