Tuesday, December 07, 2004

[Ming Pao, 2004-12-07]

Bobby Au-Yeung and Flora Chan flew to Malaysia for some promotional work of the "2004 Astro TV Awards" show the other day. The event is scheduled for January 8 next year and both will appear as honored guests. Bobby is also a nominee for several awards, and he admits he really wants to take the "Best Male Lead" award home. Flora indicates she will go with the flow.

Bobby was obviously in a great mood, as he kept playing games with the fans and throwing kisses their way. He even said "I Love You!" in his unique Bobby style quite a few times. Seeing that "Armed Reaction IV" is very popular in Malaysia, Bobby is quite sorry to burst the viewers' bubbles, as he thinks the chance for an "AR5" is slim. The good news is, he has just finished a new serial in which he plays a detective, and later he will work with Kenix Kwok again.

Flora and Francis Ng's "Triumph In the Skies" is also a big hit in Malaysia, and she says they will have a chance to star in a new serial together next year. "We know each other very well. There should be a lot of sparks." Flora says.


[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-12-07]

TVB's live broadcast of James Wong's memorial service last Sunday afternoon drew in 800,000 viewers on average, and the number rose to 1,000,000 toward the end. The ratings were eight points higher than the same period of the previous week, with an average of 12 points and a peak of 15.

In a rare move, TVB did not insert any commercials during the broadcast. Wong's family expressed their gratitude, and praised TVB's appropriate handling of the matter. External Affairs Assistant Manager Tsang Sing Ming said TVB decided not to air any commercials because Wong is the pride of many Hong Kongers, and that he deserved a solemn service. Tsang also hoped the audience could feel the right atmosphere from start to finish.

Tsang said he had no idea how much was lost due to not airing commercials. Asked if any clients complained, Tsang replied that they were all given the notice beforehand. Seeing so many people care about James Wong, the clients should be okay with TVB's decision.

Meanwhile, the ratings for the current three serials on air remained the same. "The Conqueror's Story" had its finale on Saturday, and the ratings were 31 points on average, which was a pretty good result.


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