Thursday, November 18, 2004

[Wen Wei Po, 2004-11-18]

Dayo Wong has been shooting on location in mainland China these days, but he showed up at the premiere of the new film "Leave Me Alone" (starring Charlene Choi, Ekin Cheng, Jan Lam, Kenny Bee & Dayo himself) in Hong Kong yesterday. Asked if he would stay for a couple of days for TVB's anniversary show, Dayo said he was not sure, and added he was not that anxious about winning "My Favorite Male Lead" anyway. He said the award he actually wanted to win the most was "My Favorite Partners" with Ada Choi. Dayo indicated he was rather nervous about the new film, as he plays a villain in it and he hasn't tried such roles in years.

According to all sorts of polls, Dayo and Bowie Lam are the hot favorites for "My Favorite Male Lead" and right now they are dead even in the race. Asked if his not attending the anniversary show would lessen his chance of winning, Dayo dodged the question and said he was performing on stage somewhere else when he won an award for "War of Genders" a couple of years ago, and TVB sent the trophy to him.

As the competition for "My Favorite Female Lead" is getting rather dramatic, there have been reports that the ladies are using all kinds of gimmicks to increase their chances of winning, and someone is even rumored to have dinner with the big shots in TVB to "pull strings". Asked to comment, Dayo laughed, "I also hope I can have dinner with the big shots! There's so much gossip on the ladies' side. Hopefully, the situation won't be that bad for the gentlemen."


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